How quick does an Creatrix® give you an Emotional Detox?

Listen to Meagan at the conclusion of her 2nd session, just 7 Days after starting her journey. After your very firs‍‍‍t session Bree guarantee's you will begin to feel more confident, more in control and more hopeful that your power is within reach.

You've done courses, you've been on the merry-go-round of 'healing' long enough - you WANT PEACE from ALL the stories, the past, the hurts and you want it NOW....
Apply to work 1:1 with Bree with a Creatrix® Breakthrough - a 6 session transformation that sets you free like NOTHING you've experienced before.

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In 2013 I became one of the worlds first Creatrix® Transformologist's® and to date remain the most experienced trained facilitator in this unique for the female brain program. Promising rapid, long lasting results, clients who experience Creatrix® ‍‍ have outstanding outcomes when it comes to emotional issues and beliefs that stop them from living and creating their dream life. Anxiety, stress, overwhelm, unworthy, insecure, anger and everything in between need not be issues or problems that weigh you down - you CAN give yourself an Emotional Detox™!

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F‍‍‍or the first time in my life I feel clean - there is no head chatter, no doubt, no insecurity. I can only describe what Bree has done for me as an Emotional Detox. I have more clarity around my purpose in life, more confidence in myself and I'm excited about my future

Clare, NSW Austra‍‍‍lia

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Imagine what life would be like without feeling bogged down by 'feeling' bad - angry, guilty, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious.

Imagine what life would be like if you didn't have to think about not thinking negatively, because there was just no need for it.

Imagine what life would be like if you could wipe the slate clean and START FRESH - with a fresh new perspective, an aligned view on your life direction and NONE of that stuff that keeps pulling you into shit.

A Breakthrough is your fresh start. Creatrix®, a unique for the Female Brain process works epigenetically to clear the cause of emotional weight to set you free. With a 100% money back guarantee and a (to date!) 100% outcome driven success rate, a Creatrix® Breakthrough is for you if you KNOW that d‍‍‍espite skills and knowledge, there's nothing quiet like a full core healing.

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What is a Breakthrough?

What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is a RESET for the female brain. A  breakthrough process and methodology that causes fast, thorough and long lasting break through results mentally, psychologically, emotionally and sometimes physically, not previously seen in women. It's created in line with the innate way women operate accordi‍‍‍ng to biology, spirituality, hormonally and psychologically with the understanding women access the maternal and creator elements of consciousness not previously hypothesised. Science, personal development, psychology and even NLP are all based on mens' perspectives on how the brain consciously and unconsciously works whereas Creatrix® is based on what they missed, the truth about the female's hormonal and emotional connection entwined with her biology and psychology.

Unlike other modalities commonly used to help women release emotions and limiting belief's, Creatrix®

  • is gender specific. The process has been designed for a woman, by a woman - taking into consideration our unique female brains and the ever fluid hormone cycle
  • works with the head and the heart and the gut. By combining these three 'centres' of thought & emotion, a woman experiencing Creatrix® gets an aligned entirely
  • takes epigenetics into consideration. It is fact now that we inherit up to 15 generations of emotional baggage and beliefs, which means the struggles you are experiencing are not created by you - think of yourself as the headache - you know that it exists, you know that it causes pain, but you don't know where it comes from. The cause of your headache has come from someone experiencing something a long time ago
  • it is safe - there is no reliving traumatic, painful or challenging events from your life. A Creatrix® Breakthrough means you can leave your story at the door and work on just what the story is making you feel, regardless of WHY you feel it.
  • inbuilt reciprocity - when an emotion or belief has been released, you replace it with something more serving and empowering, which brings me to the last and most powerful difference....
  • what is gained is your own - let's be real. I can tell you that you ARE worth it. That you are strong. Confident. Amazing even. BUT, being a woman, you aren't going to believe it until you realise it from within. Your journey and what you gain from Creatrix® is as unique as you are, and it is always exactly what you need.

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.    I was struggling with everyday life. I couldn't stand to face the world or my family for that matter.
I wanted
to go away and not deal with any aspect of my life.

Bree helped me be at ease a myself, love myself, have self worth and most importantly be a better mum and role model to my 4 girls. I'm a lot calmer. I think before I react in certain situations.

My relationship with myself has also changed because I can look in the mirror and accept what I look like because this is me!

I absolutely hated my job, I hated that it took me away from what I really wanted or needed to be doing. I now look at it as - it's money making day or a chance to interact with adults and be social! I'm more confident in making set days for work and set days for pleasure.

I was most surprised by the Issues of the past that I was positive I had dealt with and left behind me - they came up throughout the process and we were able to deal with the properly. I constantly spun myself out with things I was saying. It's amazing what we store in our bodies and try to hide away.

My husband and children are the most important aspect of my life and I could not stand how I was treating them due to depression/anxiety, no self worth or confidence. We all deserved better. Now I'm so much calmer, I have a positive outlook. I'm looking forward to our future and this portray's such a positive tone for the family to follow. My life and families life has improved in leaps and bounds.

Honestly I didn't have any concerns investing in a Creatrix® Breakthrough because I was at such a low point that I was just so desperate for help. I knew I had to put my emotional state in the hands of someone who 'understood' me and Bree was the perfect solution.

I wish the Creatrix® Breakthrough went longer because I loved it so much. I would look forward to my Tuesday video call from Bree, they became my fav day!

I can't recommend Bree enough, and I cannot thank her enough for what she had taught me over the past 6 weeks. It's invaluable, every woman should have this experience!

Aleisha, NSW A‍‍‍ustralia

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