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"Before doing the course with Bree, I was stuck in a rut, emotional and unhappy at work. I was lacking in confidence and did not have clarity about the direction I wanted for my career. Six weeks into the Own Your BS course I am more confident, happier and have more clarity about my career. Bree provides you with the strategies to change the way you think, deal with past beliefs and get past the BS in your head"

Debbie, QLD Australia

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Ever feel like you're having the same conversation over and over again in the hopes of making sense of what's going on, only to realise that the person you're talking to is yourself and the answers you're getting aren't actually helping?! It's a one-sided conversation of sabotaging, non-constructive chatter.

Do you often lose time because of the endless thoughts screaming at you from within?

It can sometimes feels like the more you try to disconnect from the thoughts, by pushing them down or relying on a distraction, the louder, more incessant and destructive they become.

Life isn't meant to feel so noisy, busy and confusing....

It's not your fault.

You've been taught from a young age that in order to 'get over' a problem all you need is logical understanding of why the problem exists. That once you can see reason, you ought to be able to just 'move on' from the past.

Or even worse, that if it doesn't make sense for you to 'feel good enough', doubtful, insecure or 'less than', that there IS no reason for you to feel and think what you do, therefore your thoughts and emotions aren't valid and you really should 'just get over it'.

The good new is, you CAN begin to transform your thinking RIGHT NOW.

There is a simple solution. You can reconnect with the control and power within you. You can find peace from negative-self talk again. The answer is to really hear and work with what your negative thoughts are trying to tell you by harnessing your natural state of being as a female.

O, and did I mention that you'll not only feel more confident in your ability to clear your head, you'll also feel more clear about what you want for yourself (and all the people near and dear to you too!)

You can experience MORE peace of mind. You can become SKILLED to handle life and all the head talk that comes along with it. You can have Emotional Control.  In fact, you will have such a solid sense of your personal power and who you truly are, that you will naturally become more connected, present and positive in your daily life and actions, thereby being the powerful influence you know you can be.