June 28-30 2019

Blue Mountains, NSW

Negative Head Talk getting in the way of you living your best life?

Distracting you from the HERE & NOW?

Causing you to doubt yourself - exposing your insecurities and fears and thereby preventing you from creating the kind of life (and success!) you want for yourself? Your family & relationships?

Are you sick and tired of TALKING about the issues, emotional blocks and limitations in your life? Instead, you're wanting to TAKE ACTION, Reset the stage and start a new, Emotionally Confident chapter?!

The Own Your BS® Retreat is for you!....


We'll be staying in a beautiful home with undisturbed views overlooking the Blue Mountain ranges

Choose from:

ღ 2 x private queen bed rooms

ღ 1 x  twin share single bed rooms

ღ 1 x private single bed room


Women who join me at an Own Your BS® Retreat need to be prepared for an Emotional Detox - this is not a weekend of sharing your story, having massages and doing yoga (although there will be some down time available to restore your soul!). An Own Your BS® is about recognising and releasing the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep getting in the way of you creating, living and experiencing the life that you want for yourself.

While together you will:

ღ Learn how to work through your negative thoughts, opening space for more in control and confident thinking

ღ Gain confidence in using proven strategies that reduce the emotional charge life, stories and memories can cause

ღ Experience the unique for the female brain process, Creatrix® - releasing emotional blocks at the very core of where they originate(After working with this process for the past 4+ years, I've assisted more than 270 women to release some BIG, HEAVY emotions - and I'm pleased to say that the results have been long lasting, and to date 100% successful! At this retreat we'll be focusing on emotions such as Guilt, Not Good Enough, Sad, Burdened by Responsibility, Anger and Lack of Self Worth!)

ღ Get into alignment with what is truly important to you based on your values, meaning when you leave the weekend you have a clear direction for what you want the next chapter of your life to look like

PLUS enjoy some much needed time out time for you to simply reconnect to who you are - not the business woman, the mum, the wife, the daughter or the friend - just YOU

This is truly going to be a transformational life time experience for the ladies who choose to join me - and you can secure your place with a $200 deposit.

Because of the nature of the Own Your BS Retreats, I always ensure that the ladies who attend are on the same page regarding the desire to let the stories go and embrace the journey of growth experienced while we are together.


To discuss if this event is for you, please email me back at bree@breestedman.com and we'll arrange a time to chat.



Own Your BS® Retreats


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