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* Limited to 6 participants only

Own Your BS® Retreats


IS Negative Head Talk getting in the way of you living your best life?

Feeling bogged down by your Emotions?

Is it distracting you from the HERE & NOW? Causing you to doubt yourself - exposing your insecurities and fears and thereby preventing you from creating the kind of life (and success!) you want for yourself? Your family and relationships?

Are you sick and tired of TALKING about the issues, emotional blocks and limitations in your life? Instead, you're wanting to TAKE ACTION, Reset the stage and start a new, Emotionally Confident chapter?! YES?! Then the Own Your BS® Retreat is for you!....

Retreats will be Returning in 2020....
Can't wait until then?1:1 Breakthroughs are available!

Creatrix® Breakthrough

THIS is what makes an Own Your BS® Retreat different from ALL other Retreat's currently available to women.

You will experience the unique for the female brain process, Creatrix® - releasing emotional blocks at the very core of where they originate.

After working with this process for the past 6+ years, I've assisted almost 300 women to release some BIG, HEAVY emotions - and I'm pleased to say that the results have been long lasting, and to date 100% successful!

At this retreat we'll be focusing on doing Group Creatrix® on common Female Emotions such as Guilt, Not Good Enough, Sad, Burdened by Responsibility, Anger and Worrying what other people think!

You can LEARN MORE about Creatrix® by visiting the Breakthrough Tab on this website.

Learn how to work through your negative thoughts, opening space for more in control and confident thinking - the method you will learn is something you can incorporate into your every day Emotional Resiliency Practice AND is so powerful you can even use it with young children to help THEM take back power from negative self talk, meaning you'll be able to really HELP the next generation

Gain confidence in using proven strategies that reduce the emotional charge life, stories and memories can cause

Master your Negative Head Talk

Activate your Internal GPS System

Get into alignment with what is truly important to you based on your values, meaning when you leave the weekend you have a clear direction for what you want the next chapter of your life to look like

PLUS enjoy some much needed time out time for you to simply reconnect to who you are - not the business woman, the mum, the wife, the daughter or the friend - just YOU

What you can Expect


Women who join me at an Own Your BS® Retreat need to be prepared for an Emotional Detox - this is not a weekend of sharing your story, having massages and 'relaxing' (although there will be some down time available to restore your soul!)

An Own Your BS® Retreat is about recognising and RELEASING the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep getting in the way of you creating, living and experiencing the life that you want for yourself.

What is Included

Essential features

Own Your BS® Strategies

There's no question, life will ALWAYS keep happening. Own Your BS® Strategies will keep YOU feeling Emotionally Resilient & in Control


Starting a new chapter by releasing old emotional blocks and reframing your view of the world for a NEW lease on life. What is Creatrix®?


Depending on the location and home, options include Private Queen Beds or a Single Bed in a Twin Share Room.

All Meals

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are supplied for the duration of your Retreat - rest assured you'll be well fed with beautiful home made dishes

Identifying & Aligning Values

Your Values make up the essence of WHO you are and WHY you make the decisions you do. We'll be empowering YOUR Authentic Self.

BONUS: Own Your BS® Program

This Comprehensive 6 Week ONLINE Program is a 'How To' that will keep you in the best frame of mind possible. VALUE: $495



This is truly going to be a transformational life time experience for the ladies who choose to join me - and you can secure your place with a $200 deposit.

Because of the nature of the Own Your BS Retreats, I always ensure that the ladies who attend are on the same page regarding the desire to let the stories go and embrace the journey of growth experienced while we are together.

As such, Registration Forms are available only AFTER we have a conversation - to be sure that what you want from the Retreat is something I can provide, and that we are a good fit.  


My Personal Experience has inspired WHY I continue to offer retreats....

On the 15th June 2012 I turned 30. It was also the first day of a Women's Empowerment Retreat that I'd, with blind faith, signed up to attend.

I was scared out of my mind and nervous beyond measure. Up until that weekend, I'd never invested financially in myself. The way I got through any challenge was to simply Grin and Bare it.

I didn't now what to expect, but at the same time I knew it's where I needed to be.

For me, it was a last ditched attempt to get my emotions under control - at the time I felt I was drowning under so many MASKS in an effort to cover up how much I was really struggling.

I was a REALLY angry mumma, I often felt incredibly detached from my two kiddies and the relationship between Aaron and I was strained, because from day to day no-one knew what 'Bree' would show up.

But no-one knew any of that, because I hid it all behind a bright smile and a positive attitude.

After all, what mother could REALLY behave the way I did and still show her face? O, the shame. The guilt. The embarrassment.

I was caught up in a cycle of losing my shit, pushing it down and forcing a smile until gradually the pressure built and I totally lost sight of who I really was.

I'd sought help for both my own struggles and also the behavioural challenges we were starting to experience from the kids. I read self-help books, parenting books, I did courses and I prided myself in the commitment I had to 'practicing mindfulness'. The typical professional advice I was given was 'maybe you should try meds'.... advice that didn't feel like the right choice for me.

And so, after attending a workshop that focused exclusively on WHY WOMEN GET SO CAUGHT UP IN EMOTIONAL STATES, I jumped at the chance to get my shit sorted. It was the first Weekend Retreat of it's type - we were going to experience a brand new modality called Creatrix® - a process that had been developed with science and the female experience in mind. And although I didn't understand it, the science made sense. The female experience, that made sense. And I figured I couldn't go wrong given everything else that I'd tried had provided me with such limited change.

The following video is the before and after clips from that weekend. A quick glimpse into the emotional pain I was trying to hide from, and the dramatic shift that happened in those amazing two days

**** WARNING - this footage has been difficult for many women to watch ****

Why a Retreat?

It's been 7 years since that amazing weekend. 364 weeks.

And in those 7 years, while there have been moments that have challenged me, I can hand on my heart say, that it's been the best 7 years of my life.

The anger, the desperation, the unworthiness that I felt so strongly then has not even once pulled me down like it did every single day back then. I have my ups and downs, sure (that's life after all), however I know at the core of who I am, that I have absolute Emotional Confidence. AND that through this, my children now bare this gift also, as they too continue to develop their own resilience. The relationship with my husband is solid, and the connection I have with my two children is open and strong.

THIS is why I'm so passionate about offering women the opportunity for a Creatrix® Breakthrough, because I am living proof that not only does it work, but it's LONG LASTING.

That Weekend Retreat CHANGED MY LIFE and I share it with you because I KNOW that there are many many women who struggle now, like I did then. And that you're desperately looking for something to HELP....

And I WANT SO BADLY, to give as many women as possible the same opportunity that I've had since my Creatrix® Breakthrough in 2012! This Retreat is limited to only 6 ladies - you can secure your place with a $200 deposit