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You can't put it into words, but you know deep within you, that you're on this planet, at this time, to help other women.

You fall into bed of a night thinking about what you can do when you wake to make a difference.And of a morning, you are driven by the things you can do to connect, empower and enrich others.

When you're asked what you dream of in the future, you see the smiling happy faces of all the women you've been able to help.

You can't explain it - you just KNOW that it's your calling to help.

The problem is, you don't know HOW to make that happen!

Sure - you've done some training in the past. You've studied different modalities, different approaches to leading and coaching. Maybe you're just a 'natural' - you're the "go to" woman that people go to for advice.

And what you're doing to help others is KINDA helping.... but YOU know that there HAS to be a better way - a way that gives YOU the confidence as the coach to get BETTER results for your clients.

We understand that. We want to Help YOU achieve all that and more. Creatrix® Transformology® is the answer......

Scroll below to find various FREE Training that highlights our Point of Difference and better explains how we're able to help YOU to help HER!....

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Women make  up the majority of participants at Personal Development events and yet we also spend more money and more time every year trying to heal our pasts and better our futures. We're changing that! We are training real women help REAL WOMEN to be free.... this is how we can help you too!

Video Training 1:
Why Women Need a New Approach

What is needed in a Modality, Process or Therapy to create Long-Lasting Change in a woman? Many modern day approaches include up to 4 of these elements, but NON that we have found include all 6.... watch this video to learn why it's so important that the process you trust to help others incorporates these areas

Video Training 2:
The 6 Necessary Elements for Long-Lasting Change

In this video you'll learn from Maz Schirmer about WHY women benefit from a different approach when it comes to Transformation. You'll learn why Modern Modalities are letting females down AND what makes the Creatrix® Transformology® so powerful

Creatrix® is the TOOL that Safely guides a woman through to releasing her emotional issues and limiting beliefs at the core. Transformology® is the Psychology of Tranformation - the complete body of knowledge that goes into the training of our Facilitators so that they can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY and SAFELY offer Guaranteed Outcomes for their clients.

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more maz
Maz Photo 1

Maz Schirmer didn’t just create the ONLY female-designed breakthrough process on the planet!

Maz has had an incredible career spanning the last 23+ years. She went from an unemployed check out operator who lived in hiding as a scared, insecure mother of 4 children to becoming a confident leader of women in a fortune 500 company. She rose to #1 in 10 countries, breaking 43-year Australian records at the time.

Now with 3 successful enterprises, she has proven that her formula works.

After more than 10 years of incredible success traveling the globe, Maz became obsessed with understanding why women were not rising beyond a certain level and not able to achieve their dreams as she herself had done despite her adversity. She’s a professed “research junkie,” having spent more than 10,000 hours gorging herself on analysing ‘behind the scenes’ of the female mind and psychology to bring us all long-lasting, female-formulated solutions that WORK.

She continually passes on her own discoveries and ‘learnings’ as a successful executive leader of women. Maz now shows thousands of ordinary women how to achieve the life, lifestyle and legacy of their dreams. Go to mazschirmer.com.au for more information.

Since 2013 I've proudly been setting women's hearts free with Creatrix® and it's safe to say it's been THE most rewarding work I've ever done. I've helped more than 330 women - women who have been in the depths of depression, women with guilt, stress, anger, overwhelm, insecurities, hurt and who have felt disconnected from their loved ones to women who didn't even KNOW what was wrong, they just FELT they were stuck, or lost - and every issue in between.

But I'm only one person - and while I love working with my personal clients, I'm also passionate about helping MORE women to be free from emotional baggage.

THIS is why I became a Trainer with the Institute of Women International.

Because the women of the world NEED us to take a stand for them. They need a different approach to feeling emotionally free - an approach that is safe, traumatic free, long lasting, cycle breaking and profound.

And THAT means that we need more women like me - women who are passionate about leaving a legacy empowering others.

If while reading this, you are thinking "YES THAT"S ME TOO!" then I encourage you to book a call in with me to discuss becoming a Creatrix® Transformologist®