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In early 2017 I published my very first book as an easily accessible, first step resource for women who are done with feeling held back and stuck by doubts, insecurities and fears. Now an Amazon International Best Seller, Own your BS: The No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Head Talk gives you the practical advice to help you to GET A GRIP on sabotaging and destructive self talk.

Hi! I’m Bree Stedman. I am a Female Head Talk Expert.

I am the kick up the bum you're looking for - the accountability, the devil advocate, the no-holds back, no-nonsense friend you need that will call you on your BS and support you to elevate your thinking and your life.

When I work with you, we....‍‍‍

1. Create Awareness around your truth - the way that you currently see the world and where it needs strengthening (or maybe re-writing!)

2. Focus on Action and solution. It's no good analysing the past. The WHY's. The regrets. Instead, we focus on what you can control right now - the actions, the progress and the growth available to you, in this very moment.

3. Align Momentum - we identify who you are, what you want for your future, what lights you up and drives you from within. Then we create a plan that support, honours and encourages an aligned life.

I specialise in helping mums in business and ambitious women to turn sabotaging, destructive and negative self talk into emotional control, confidence and clarity. But what I'm really passionate about is giving women the tools and strategies to empower not only themselves but become a positive impact and ripple on the world around them.

In 2012 I was leading a double life.

A leader, mentor and trainer of 120+ women in a Multi-National Company, I was known as a positive, happy and confident woman. I often felt obliged to 'put on a smile' and 'show up' because that was what was expected of me and the role I was in.

I remember standing on stage being applauded for being a 'Go Give' member of the organisation - for leading by example, for going above and beyond to help and serve others all the while standing there thinking to myself  
"I don't deserve to be here", "I'm not good enough", "soon someone is going to work out that I have no idea what I'm doing"

This was the dialogue that accompanied me every single day. Fuelling my lack of worth and sabotaging my success, my happiness and my life. I was building a business as if I had my shit together, while internally doubting myself every step of the way.‍‍‍

All of this was amplified at home, where my thoughts escalated to inappropriate behaviour and over-reactions. At home I was nothing like the positive, happy and confident woman people thought I was. I was angry. Overwhelmed. Ashamed. Out of control. "I'm not a good mum", "they deserve better", "I can't do this anymore"

I got a reality check when my out of control behaviour resulted in my kids flinching in fear of me. I knew then that I had to get a grip on my BS - on the 'truth' I was telling myself about my life, and the lack of choices I felt I had at the time.

I started to pay attention to what I was really thinking. To what that made me feel. I learned about the Female Brain - how we as women process and release emotions, how different our brains are and how our hormones have a direct affect on everything from our moods, our energy levels, our ability to communicate, our emotional states and more.

I started to live my life according my Female Factor and I began to create the life my family and I deserve.

"This book is extremely eye-opening into how the female brain works. I literally used Bree's advice today during a panic attack and it helped straight way. Highly I recommend this book to any female who wants to take back their power and be the best version of themselves" A.C

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You have had enough, you wouldn’t be here otherwise. I know! I’ve been there! The search is over.... it's time.

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