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Bree Stedman, June 15 2019

She was drowning under masks

7 years ago, on my 30th Birthday, I took a massive leap of fate and went to a Women's Empowerment Weekend Retreat.

I was scared out of my mind and nervous beyond measure.
Up until that weekend, I'd never invested financially in myself. I didn't know what to expect, but at the same time I knew it's where I needed to be.

For me, it was a last ditched attempt to get my emotions under control - at the time I felt I was drowning under so many MASKS in an effort to cover up how much I was really struggling. I was a REALLY angry mumma, I often felt incredibly detached from my two kiddies and the relationship between Aaron and I was strained, because from day to day no-one knew what 'Bree' would show up.

But no-one knew any of that, because I hid it all behind a bright smile and a positive attitude. After all, what mother could REALLY behave the way I did and still show her face?

O, the shame. The guilt. The embarrassment. I was caught up in a cycle of losing my shit, pushing it down and forcing a smile that, gradually the pressure built until I totally lost sight of who I really was.

I'd sought help for both my own struggles and also the behavioural challenges we were starting to experience from the kids. I read self-help books, parenting books, I did courses and I prided myself in the commitment I had to 'practicing mindfulness'.
The typical professional advice I was given was 'maybe you should try meds'.... advice that didn't feel like the right choice for me.

And so, after attending a workshop that focused exclusively on WHY WOMEN GET SO CAUGHT UP IN EMOTIONAL STATES, I jumped at the chance to get my shit sorted. 

It was the first Weekend Retreat of it's type - we were going to experience a brand new modality called Creatrix® - a process that had been developed with science and the female experience in mind.

And although I didn't understand it, the science made sense. The female experience, that made sense. And I figured I couldn't go wrong given everything else that I'd tried had provided me with such limited change.

The following video is the before and after clips from that weekend. A quick glimpse into the emotional pain I was trying to hide from, and the dramatic shift that happened in those amazing two days.

**** WARNING - this footage has been difficult for many women to watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFOm2xAzVcI ***

It's been 7 years since that amazing weekend. 364 weeks.
And in those 7 years, while there have been moments that have challenged me, I can hand on my heart say, that it's been the best years of my life.

The anger, the desperation, the unworthiness that I felt so strongly then has not even once pulled me down like it did every single day back then.

I have my ups and downs, sure (that's life after all), however I know at the core of who I am, that I have absolute Emotional Confidence. AND that through this, my children now bare this gift also, as they too continue to develop their own resilience. The relationship with my husband is solid, and the connection I have with my two children is open and strong.

THIS is why I'm so passionate about now finding women who share my passion of a) healing your own emotions and beliefs so you can live your best life and b) have the ability to be able to do the same for OTHER women - spread a Ripple Effect of genuine change for the mumma's, the children, the family and the friends that are affected the dark secrets we women hold onto. 

Creatrix® Transformology® literally changed not only my life, but drastically changed the trajectory of my childrens lives for I believe without a shadow of a doubt, that had I NOT sorted my shit out, my children would not be the Emotionally Confident, Resilient and Independent children that they are now.

Not only that, but 340 Individual women and their families are now experiencing the same empowered life that my family and I share.... and THAT kind of change will be the Ripple that changes the world. 

Written by

Bree Stedman


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