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A simple, practical and FEMALE-brained approach to turn your passion into a business centred around helping OTHER women transform their OWN lives so they can step into THEIR unique potential.

Females are designed to help each other, so why not make a living from what you enjoy and do most effortlessly?!This simple female success model can work for anyone with a great work ethic, determination and... well... what's uniquely in this FREE ebook!


Build a Meaningful Business without Hustle and Force

Are you ready to offer GUARANTEED OUTCOMES
for your female clients for TRUE Empowerment of others?

It's fair to say that the Personal Development/Empowerment Industry is predominantly a Female Based Industry given 76% of audience members at Personal Development courses and events are women, of which the majority are ladies who have attended MORE THAN ONE of these events in the past.

It's therefore fair to say that women are PREPARED to INVEST both time and money in their own development so they can help OTHERS.

So why is it that, in 2020 most of the Modalities, Principles and Strategies taught are still MALE-BASED programs? Methods that have NOT been developed on the differences of our Female Biology OR Epigenetics (the science of Trans-generational Inheritance) but instead on what works for MEN.

Because the Personal Development Industry, as it currently stands is a Money Making Machine - more interested in lining the pockets of 'gurus' instead of offering LONG-TERM, CYCLE-BREAKING Empowerment for Women.

We're here to BREAK that mould.

So YOU can FINALLY smash through your own glass-ceilings that are currently keeping you playing it small and sabotaging your impact AND in turn REALLY help your clients the way you desire to and the way she DESERVES.  

you KNEW before you took on a client what her outcome would be....

If instead of just 'hoping' that your client would get good results, you KNEW that she would get OUTSTANDING results that would be both Long-Lasting AND Cycle-Breaking

you KNEW that the issues you worked on with your clients would NOT return....

that's right! No more issues coming back for your clients - once you work with your clients on any of their pre-determined issues, the issues do NOT return. It's the LAST dollar she needs to spend being free from those particular blocks.

you KNEW that YOU had support 100% of the time, for your personal life & business life!

Just because you've invested in yourself doesn't mean your immune to NEW glass ceilings and limitations coming up for you. Being part of a Community that prioritised your CONTINUED Development as a Facilitator means that no matter what comes up for you, or WHEN it comes up, you've got a Sisterhood for you to lean on at ANY time you need.

you KNEW that your investment includes EVERYTHING you need to build your business

Not only do you get Intensive and Personalised Training you get ONGOING Training, Mentoring and Support, Intrasupport for your own Personal Growth PLUS Templates, Comprehensive Clients Guides, Worksheets, Client Forms to build your business following a PROVEN system that has been successful for hundreds of women around the globe

you KNEW that no matter the question, no matter the situation, you've got support

Women do business different. We want Independence and Freedom to work when and how we want to according to our lifestyles HOWEVER we THRIVE when in a Community of Like-Minded Women sharing the same Mission.


And I understand exactly how you feel AND exactly what you are CRAVING. Because I've been where you are now.

Driven to knowing that you are making a difference, an IMPACT on the people you work with AND the people you share your life with.

But Frustrated because you can't get off the merry-go-round of searching for "THE" tool that will help YOU to be free from your hang-ups AND help the clients you work with.

And Disheartened because time and time again you enrol in a program thinking 'this is it!' only to be let down when it doesn't pan out as it was sold.

In 2013 I realised that all the 'stuff' I'd learned was just adding band-aids and I was DONE. I was done with feeling like a fraud, FORCING methods and strategies that felt so HARD and left me so DRAINED.

I changed directions completely and started to work with who I am as a WOMAN. I ditched the advice that worked better for men and embraced the approach that was designed for me as a Female.

And since then I've become an International Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Presenter and I've personally worked with 340+ women with 100% Success, freeing their hearts so they can go live and create their best lives

Proudly featured in....

In 2018 I realised that although the work I was doing personally was making a difference to my clients individually, I felt drawn to doing even MORE. to contributing to change on the planet for Women, particulary in the Personal Development Industry.

It made me so sad to see so many passionate Life Coaches feeling burned out and disheartened because they weren't getting the results they knew was possible. They were wasting valuable time, money and energy Forcing and Hustling and I knew that I owed it to THEM to show them there IS a better way!

Maz Schirmer

Maz Schirmer is the woman responsible for the incredible life I am privileged to lead now - it was because of Maz and Creatrix® that, in 2012, I stopped raging like a bull. It was because of Maz and her vision of  setting 10 Million Hearts Free that I was able to build the IMPACTFUL EMPOWERMENT business with ZERO burnout - and it's because of this mission that I now choose to work with women LIKE YOU!

So you too can join a movement that has already set in motion a rise of strong, empowered, internally confident and powerful female leaders that in turn are driven to change the way that things are done on this planet.

students talk

What makes this Program so Unique?

Transformology® - as far as we know, we are the only Training Body in the world that teach HOW to get 100% of your Female Clients to 100% of their Outcomes GUARANTEED

Creatrix® - designed BY a woman FOR women, Creatrix® releases fears, doubts and insecurities that sabotage women from living their best lives

First Hand Experience - Many women won't confidently 'sell' a product unless they themselves had had a positive experience with it, and this is why you get to experience Creatrix® AS you train so you can genuinely and authentically sell from your heart

Certification is FAST - our focus and priority is to ensure you can SAFELY and Competently work with real women so the moment you are certified you KNOW you can help another woman be FREE

Year Round Support and Development - Getting certified is just the first part of your year long journey - the program includes ongoing Professional Development, Business and Client Support as you need it

Does this sound like you?


You KNOW deep down that you are here, on this planet for MEANINGFUL work - going to work, coming home, clocking the hours - that's not for you. You want FULFILMENT

You Desire to make a REAL Difference - you're sick of applying band-aids. You want to TRULY Transform other women's

You already help women - Either you're a Life Coach, Therapist, Counsellor, Leader OR someone who others just go to, but you're already doing what you can to help others live better

You don't need to re-invent the wheel - in fact you don't want to. The idea of having a proven system to follow, backed by a tonne of support EXCITES you!

You know you're not perfect - you've got some issues that are holding you back, you've already done some work to level up and you're ready to be free from them ALL Long-Term so you can be more for HER.

You're looking for your tribe - you desire to be part of a movement of women sharing the same passion to be of service for others


As a woman, you need a PinkPrint™ (not a BLUEprint) for success, because your mind works differently to a man’s!

This is the basis of our teachings and in this free video training, I will give you a good understanding as to WHY classic success models may not have ever worked for you.

If you have always struggled with concepts such as goal setting and consistency, set aside an hour to watch this eye-opening training.


The Creatrix® Transformology® Program is for every woman who already has/is launching a career in the empowerment industry and wants to START NOW, not later.

It's for those who want to change women's lives in a profound and LASTING way… AND earn a good income doing something they LOVE.

Download 2020 Program Guide

or Listen and Subscribe on:

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If you've read this far, chances are you're EXACTLY who we are looking to work with - You've been around the Personal Development block more than once, so when you hear me say "something is missing" for women, you'll instinctively know what I'm referring to!

And, although you don't know WHY, you KNOW that, because of your experience,  women NEED a different approach to healing, to business and living.

Creatrix® Transformology® IS what you've been looking for.  

Creatrix® is the BEST tool on the planet for women as it speaks the language of our Unconscious Mind, taking into consideration our Female Biological and Neurological Differences AND Epigenetic History.
Transformology® is the psychology of Transformation - all that is required for an individual to change their life IRREVERSIBLY.  

When used together, as the Facilitator, you are able to offer GUARANTEED Outcomes.

So if your gut is saying YES this is it, then before your sabotaging doubts and fears get in the way and keep you playing it small, I encourage you to click the button below and book in a chat with me! We're on a mission to set 10 Million Hearts Free and we'd LOVE you to be a part of it ;)