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If you're a woman driven by both personal growth and the exhilaration of empowering others, I'm thrilled to have you here.

In my nearly two decades of working with women, I've noticed two inspiring categories emerge.

The first is for you if you aspire to be your best self, positively influence your immediate circle while finding inner peace and self-acceptance. If this resonates with you, explore my VIP packages below.

The second category embodies women like me, driven not only to improve themselves but also to uplift others.

This is you if you know you are called to empower other women, break cycles and lead by example for generations to come.

Imagine shattering glass ceilings with the power of CREATRIX®, effortlessly helping other women and witnessing the ripple effects of their transformations.

The training program offered by the Un-Institute of Women provides a proven pathway to lasting change, blending financial empowerment and personal fulfilment regardless of your background.

Join our vibrant community of like-minded women, dive into women's psychology, and master invaluable skills for success. As your Trainer, I'll be with you every step of the way, providing support and guidance for your growth journey.

Within just 20 weeks, you'll be equipped to make a real difference in the lives of women seeking empowerment and emotional regulation.

Are you ready to empower yourself and others? Let's embark on this empowering journey together!

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Want to work with me personally?.....

As a Life Coach who LOVES to help other women, I bet you get as excited as I do when you help your clients. You can see the improvements their lives will have, and it fills you with a BUZZ knowing that in some small way, you've made a difference.

I bet you also share my passion of being committed to being on top of your game, so you can do even MORE for your clients.

I bet you even have a desire to elevate all that you already know, to become a Standout Expert in the personal development field.

A Coach that can attract MORE Motivated, Ready DREAM CLIENTS! A Practitioner that is SO GOOD at what she does, she can confidently PREDICT and GUARANTEE results!

Women who come to you because they've heard on the grapevine (or seen through your socials!) that you are a coach with Integrity and a coach who Delivers

And you know you've got skills, but you also know you have the potential to be not just good, but EXCEPTIONAL.

If this is you, then you have found the right place because I love, Love, LOVE to help life coaches, practitioners and therapists build on what they already to have to become Outstanding, Transformational Experts

With 76% of Personal Development Audiences made up of women (many of whom are repeat attendees!), it's clear that women want MORE for themselves.

They want to break free from the past pains that have caused them trauma.

They want to shake off the insecurities that hold them back.

They want to empower themselves so they can be stronger, more confident and authentic role models for their children and loved ones.

A simple, practical and FEMALE-brained approach to turn your passion into a business centred around helping OTHER women transform their OWN lives so they can step into THEIR unique potential.

Females are designed to help each other, so why not make a living from what you enjoy and do most effortlessly?!This simple female success model can work for anyone with a great work ethic, determination and... well... what's uniquely in this FREE ebook!


Build a Meaningful Business without Hustle and Force

Proudly featured in....

Proudly featured in the following media....

It's fair to say that the Personal Development/Empowerment Industry is predominantly a Female Based Industry given 76% of audience members at Personal Development courses and events are women, of which the majority are ladies who have attended MORE THAN ONE of these events in the past.

It's therefore fair to say that women are PREPARED to INVEST both time and money in their own development so they can help OTHERS.

So why is it that, in 2020 most of the Modalities, Principles and Strategies taught are still MALE-BASED programs? Methods that have NOT been developed on the differences of our Female Biology OR Epigenetics (the science of Trans-generational Inheritance) but instead on what works for MEN.

Because the Personal Development Industry, as it currently stands is a Money Making Machine - more interested in lining the pockets of 'gurus' instead of offering LONG-TERM, CYCLE-BREAKING Empowerment for Women.

We're here to BREAK that mould.

So YOU can FINALLY smash through your own glass-ceilings that are currently keeping you playing it small and sabotaging your impact AND in turn REALLY help your clients the way you desire to and the way she DESERVES.  

You're here because, the core of who you KNOW you are, is yearning live an EXCEPTIONAL life.

You've raised your kids (or they are well on their way to becoming independent), and as you look around your life you have this unexplainable KNOWING that the next chapter of your life will be BIG.

You want to find a RENEWED purpose. Direction. Impact and Legacy. To rest at the end of the day and know that you've made a difference.

Reflecting on your life, you can acknowledge that you ARE successful - and you have made a difference by being you. However, of an evening, while lying in a quiet house, you feel swamped by self-doubt - Have you done enough? Have you been authentic enough? Could you have done better?

And that is what has landed you on this page. Because you're searching for something more, and for someone to who's been where you are with the experience to guide you to YOUR next chapter.

My VIP SheLeads Authentically Package is EXACTLY what you're looking for. 6 Months of Transformational Coaching with Guaranteed Outcomes?! You betcha!

Stage 1 begins by addressing deep-seated suppression and feelings of inadequacy in women, rooted in a history of inequality. Epigenetics suggests that we inherit up to 300 years of these experiences from our female ancestors. The Self-Esteem Reset aims to restore an unshakeable sense of worth, dispelling self-doubt by confronting the influence of past inequalities.

Transitioning to Deep Emotional Healing, recognizing our heightened emotional experiences as women, the Emotional Regulation Reset seeks to balance and heal emotional reactions. This Reset elevates emotional intelligence, enabling better handling of future emotional events.

Embarking on Stage 2 delves into the core of our instinctual reactions, focusing on the ever-relevant stress responses. In the wake of the pandemic, nearly half of women report skyrocketing stress levels.

Throughout this stage, we meticulously tackle all triggers that contribute to a frazzled nervous system, orchestrating a restoration of balance, calm, and inner peace. The result? A newfound confidence in leading yourself, radiating positive influence to those around you.

Welcome to the pinnacle of our transformative journey – Stage 3, the epitome for empowered women who've conquered Lift and Lead.

This is your exclusive invitation to effortlessly elevate your external goals and dreams to extraordinary heights. Dive deep into your values, unearth unique motivators, and envision a future that transcends traditional goal-setting.

Having completed the foundational stages, it's time to think BIGGER. We address the silent saboteurs, conquer money blocks, and redefine your path to influence, success, and evolution.

This is an INVITATION ONLY package for serious women ready to cut through the noise, take bold action, and transform their lives, businesses, and relationships

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Welcome to Illuminated Affluence, the pinnacle experience for empowered women who've conquered Life, Lead, and Leverage.

This is your exclusive invitation to effortlessly elevate your external goals and dreams to extraordinary heights. Dive deep into your values, unearth unique motivators, and envision a future that transcends traditional goal-setting.

Having completed the foundational stages, it's time to think BIGGER. We address the silent saboteurs, conquer money blocks, and redefine your path to influence, success, and evolution.

This is an INVITATION ONLY package for serious women ready to cut through the noise, take bold action, and transform their lives, businesses, and relationships


In the rapidly evolving landscape of business, the need for a sanctuary exclusively for women leaders has become more imperative than ever in 2024.

SheLeads Collective, a haven for successful women 40+, is not just another online space but a refuge where vulnerability is celebrated, insecurities acknowledged, and guidance sought without judgment.

In a world saturated with success stories and polished Social Media profiles, the raw truth is often obscured. Every leader, regardless of outward confidence, grapples with imposter syndrome and self-doubt. It's time to shatter the façade and acknowledge the reality that success doesn't eliminate vulnerability; it magnifies it. The pressure to maintain an image of unyielding strength stifles authentic connections and hinders collective growth.

For more than a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working with women across a variety of industries - from MLM, Personal Development and Life Coaching, the Online Healing space and Small Business…. And something I myself have experienced, while also mentoring and facilitating authentic growth for women, is the conundrum that comes from successful leadership - and that is feeling isolated or alone - after all, we can’t very well complain to the people we are supposed to be lifting. As much as we want to be vulnerable and real - ‘editing’ what we say and how we present ourselves becomes an unhealthy habit that, if we’re honest, MOST of us fall victim to.

And THAT is what SheLeads Collective is here for. To provide a safe haven for women in business to come together, BE REAL, and gain advice and direction from other women in the same, or similar boat. It’s not a place to winge and whine - but rather to get realistic and honest, while be open to new perspectives and alternatives that could help us to grow.

SheLeads Collective recognizes that the path to success is riddled with uncertainties, and the bravest leaders are those who admit their fears. Here, women of equal stature share their triumphs and tribulations, fostering an atmosphere of genuine understanding. The curated space encourages leaders to drop the mask, connect on a deeper level, and collectively tackle the very insecurities that make them human.

In 2024, the demand for authentic leadership is resounding. SheLeads Collective is a testament to the truth that vulnerability is not weakness but a source of strength, a catalyst for genuine connections, and a driving force for transformative leadership in the business world. It's time to rewrite the narrative, redefine success, and build a community where women leaders can be both strong and vulnerable, navigating the complexities of their journeys together.

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As a woman, you need a PinkPrint™ (not a BLUEprint) for success, because your mind works differently to a man’s!

This is the basis of our teachings and in this free video training, I will give you a good understanding as to WHY classic success models may not have ever worked for you.

If you have always struggled with concepts such as goal setting and consistency, set aside an hour to watch this eye-opening training.