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And you rolled your eyes when you read it didn't you! Hard not to when there are so many coaches saying the same thing. Stay with me, because I promise, I'm a wee bit different....

I've worked with women for more then 14 years and I believe that you are sick of fluff and stuff and you're on information overload because you've heard all it all before.

"Think positive", "Be grateful", "Stay present", "Just let it go".

If it was REALLY that easy, WHY hasn't it worked LONG-TERM for you before?

I believe that you are sick and tired of just working at the surface of your problems. Because you'e done a whole lot of work before and the problems keep coming back.

I believe you deserve not just superficial results from your problems, but a DEEP to the CORE release.... where transformation REALLY happens for women.


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As an ambitious woman, you want to feel that YOU have the power to change your emotional state and thoughts when YOU choose.... and you don't need another Guru to do it for you. You want Emotional Confidence from within built from Emotional Intelligence and Resilience.


As a Creatrix® Transformologist, Female Head Talk Expert, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Mum, Wife and founder of Own Your BS® I'm going to help YOU to release all that's not serving you and develop your Emotional Resilience so you can BE who you want to be naturally, with ease and authenticity ;)

My passion is to help you get out of your own way so you can create a life that inspires you EVERY DAY from the inside out.

You've heard that before though haven't you?!