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My passion is to help you get out of your own way so you can create a life that inspires you EVERY DAY from the inside out.

You've heard that before though haven't you?! And you rolled your eyes when you read it didn't you! Stay with me, because I promise, I'm a wee bit different from other coaches....

I've worked with women for more then 14 years and I believe that, like me, you are sick of fluff and stuff and you're on information overload because you've heard all it all before.
"Think positive", "Be grateful", "Stay present", "Just let it go".

I believe you are craving PRACTICAL tools that actually HELP YOU TO DO ALL THAT (and more!)

As ambitious women, you want to feel that YOU have the power to change your emotional state and thoughts when YOU choose.... you don't need another Guru to do it for you.
You want Emotional Confidence from within.

This is why, as a Female Head Talk Expert, Creatrix® Transformologist, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Mum, Wife and founder of Own Your BS® I'm going to help YOU develop your Emotional Resilience so you can BE who you want to be ;)


Own Your BS® Products

A few words from my amazing and trusting Creatrix® clients



I am struggling to put into words what it is like working with Bree - amazing, wonderful, supported, cared for - a friend whom you can dive deeply and share with. Someone who listens, comes up with amazing responses and strategies and who cares very deeply about your success. Someone who will call a spade a spade which is genuinely what you need.

Bree is real, genuine, caring and supportive but won't allow you to cheat yourself out of facing then moving through your issues. My biggest concern about Creatrix® was that it wouldn't work or last and I'd be throwing away big money. IT'S WORTH EVERY CENT, and 4 years on I can tell you it lasts!!!!This has turned my life around and will do the same for you

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I really enjoyed working with Bree, I find her down to earth and real. I really do trust Bree with the confidential stuff and truely believe that nothing I said was judged. I feel much more confident so much more comfortable in my own skin. With 100% confidence I recommend Bree - she is excellent, caring, trustworthy and wants to help anyone all the way

Own Your BS® Retreats

Women who join me at an Own Your BS® Retreat need to be prepared for an Emotional Detox - this is not a weekend of sharing your story, having massages and doing yoga (although there will be some down time available to restore your soul!). Own Your BS® is about recognising and releasing the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that keep getting in the way of you creating, living and experiencing the life that you want for yourself. 


Get REAL with your Negative Self Talk. Learn HOW to turn those thoughts into Emotional Confidence. Register today for Own Your BS: The Program

Order your copy of the International Best Selling Book Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Self Talk HERE

Love a good, honest, straight to the point Podcast that explore the most common traps of Head Talk? You'll love Own Your BS: The Podcast!



The ultimate Emotional Detox™ that releases the baggage of your past and sets you free for your best future. What the heck does that even mean though right? Creatrix® is unlike ANYTHING you've ever experienced because up until now nothing has been available for women that works exclusively for our UNIQUE FEMALE Brain. And what does THAT mean? The 270+ women I've worked with will tell you that it's Emotional Freedom, Teflon, deep Confidence, peace, self-assuredness and so much more.


Values&Vision Coaching

How often have you been stumped with a decision that you have to make? You write pro's and con's lists - you toss and turn - you think you know what you want, but you still need to talk it out with someone else.

As a woman, being clear on what's important to you is like activating your internal GPS system. And with that comes less confusion and more confidence in making decisions, more clarity around what you need to do to have more of what you want.

The secret to activating your Internal GPS system is through your Values, which in turn sheds light on your Vision.


A Values&Vision Coaching Call includes:

ღ exploration of what's uniquely important to you satisfaction and fulfilment health check
ღ creation of your personal Values Map™
ღ formation of your Inspired SmartHeart™ Goal - putting heart and meaning into your Vision for long-term motivation and drive
ღ recording of your personal call
ღ pre-call workbook & comprehensive notes from your exploration

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