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As a Life Coach who LOVES to help other women, I bet you get as excited as I do when you help your clients. You can see the improvements their lives will have, and it fills you with a BUZZ knowing that in some small way, you've made a difference.

I bet you also share my passion of being committed to being on top of your game, so you can do even MORE for your clients.

I bet you even have a desire to elevate all that you already know, to become a Standout Expert in the personal development field.

A Coach that can attract MORE Motivated, Ready DREAM CLIENTS! A Practitioner that is SO GOOD at what she does, she can confidently PREDICT and GUARANTEE results!

Women who come to you because they've heard on the grapevine (or seen through your socials!) that you are a coach with Integrity and a coach who Delivers

And you know you've got skills, but you also know you have the potential to be not just good, but EXCEPTIONAL.

If this is you, then you have found the right place because I love, Love, LOVE to help life coaches, practitioners and therapists build on what they already to have to become Outstanding, Transformational Experts

With 76% of Personal Development Audiences made up of women (many of whom are repeat attendees!), it's clear that women want MORE for themselves.

They want to break free from the past pains that have caused them trauma.

They want to shake off the insecurities that hold them back.

They want to empower themselves so they can be stronger, more confident and authentic role models for their children and loved ones.

A simple, practical and FEMALE-brained approach to turn your passion into a business centred around helping OTHER women transform their OWN lives so they can step into THEIR unique potential.

Females are designed to help each other, so why not make a living from what you enjoy and do most effortlessly?!This simple female success model can work for anyone with a great work ethic, determination and... well... what's uniquely in this FREE ebook!


Build a Meaningful Business without Hustle and Force

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It's fair to say that the Personal Development/Empowerment Industry is predominantly a Female Based Industry given 76% of audience members at Personal Development courses and events are women, of which the majority are ladies who have attended MORE THAN ONE of these events in the past.

It's therefore fair to say that women are PREPARED to INVEST both time and money in their own development so they can help OTHERS.

So why is it that, in 2020 most of the Modalities, Principles and Strategies taught are still MALE-BASED programs? Methods that have NOT been developed on the differences of our Female Biology OR Epigenetics (the science of Trans-generational Inheritance) but instead on what works for MEN.

Because the Personal Development Industry, as it currently stands is a Money Making Machine - more interested in lining the pockets of 'gurus' instead of offering LONG-TERM, CYCLE-BREAKING Empowerment for Women.

We're here to BREAK that mould.

So YOU can FINALLY smash through your own glass-ceilings that are currently keeping you playing it small and sabotaging your impact AND in turn REALLY help your clients the way you desire to and the way she DESERVES.  

You're here because, the core of who you KNOW you are, is yearning live an EXCEPTIONAL life.

You are a woman who wants to make an IMPACT - you are a coach, therapist, practitioner wanting to not just transform the lives of women, you want to leave a LEGACY.

OR, you're a woman who is not necessarily IN the field of empowering others, however you still DESIRE to be a positive INFLUENCE to those people in your world. You are a Leader, a Role Model, an Example for the people in your own life - your family, friends, clients and community - and you want to be the BEST possible Influence of what IS possible when you DREAM BIG.

Either way, I can help you to shed all of the sabotage, the emotions and the beliefs that are holding you back and find the Authentic Confidence to create the next chapter of your life, on your terms.

Click on the images below to learn more about what is available for you.

Bree xxxx


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As a woman, you need a PinkPrint™ (not a BLUEprint) for success, because your mind works differently to a man’s!

This is the basis of our teachings and in this free video training, I will give you a good understanding as to WHY classic success models may not have ever worked for you.

If you have always struggled with concepts such as goal setting and consistency, set aside an hour to watch this eye-opening training.