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You're already in a position of Influence. You help people around you to feel better about themselves - your kids, your family and friends and all of the many women in your life.

HOWEVER, you also want to Influence MORE. You want to feel better about the Influence that you make, because, despite all that you know and all that you do, you also feel an internal struggle - one that very few people actually know about. You often doubt yourself. You criticise yourself - holding yourself to standards that you wouldn't hold towards anyone else. You lay in bed of a night-time, feeling like a fraud, because despite how much you help others, you feel that it's not enough. Because YOU feel like YOU are not enough.

Honey - I GET YOU! I have been EXACTLY where you are. And I am thrilled you are here, because I love working with women like you! You understand that to be a real, authentic role model (and therefore positively influence others!) it starts with YOU!

Your journey, growth and healing is as individual as you - a one size fits all approach just won't cut it - and that's largely because you are also a woman - and so a female-specific approach to your journey makes all the difference when it comes to layering back all the sabotage that's stopping you from being the influence that has led you here.

Take your time to explore this page as there are multiple options for you to consider to elevate your life. If something spikes your interest, then I'd encourage you to follow that intuitive drive and book in an obligation free chat with me - so we can, together, hash out the very best course of action for you and your next step.

Talk to you soon,


You want to Influence the lives of those around you?!

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What is an Emotional Detox?

Unlike traditional coaching, or therapy, an Emotional Detox is a GUARANTEED Breakthrough, highly personalised to you and the way you are feeling about your life. One of the most refreshing aspects of an Emotional Detox is that, we DO NOT spend copious amounts of time exploring your past and trying to understand WHY you feel what you do. WHY? Because, as a woman, it has been proven that the more we talk about our problems, the deeper that emotional connection becomes - we ultimately feel WORSE about ourselves the more we explore our baggage.And so an Emotional Detox focuses NOT on the past, but on your future. And it does so by working through the emotions, the beliefs and the perceptions you have about yourself right now. And we do that with an approach designed especially for our Female Brain - an approach that facilitates a trauma-free, long-lasting healing experience for YOU. An approach that works SO THOROUGHLY, that I offer an Outcome Guarantee to every one of the clients I take on. Yes, you read that right - I will NOT take a single cent off you unless I believe that I can deliver the results you seek!

Because of this Outcome Guarantee, there are multiple steps of a Breakthrough, each one designed to help you get the very best out of the entire process. Starting with our initial conversation - after all, when you intend on investing in someone to help you to break free from your emotional baggage, you want to feel aligned, and I need to know if I can actually help you!

So the initial call is a get-to-know chat! From this conversation, we'll then decide together if an Emotional Breakthrough is the best move for YOU (which essentially means there is no pushy, yucky sales pitch!

Because you'll either know from this conversation YES! I want to work with Bree, or you won't - and either result is completely fine!

START YOUR JOURNEY by booking in a call with me today!  


The ultimate Emotional Detox™ that releases the baggage of your past and sets you free for your best future.

What the heck does that even mean though right?

Creatrix® is unlike ANYTHING you've ever experienced because up until now nothing has been available for women that works exclusively for our UNIQUE FEMALE Brain.

And what does THAT mean? The 350+ women I've worked with will tell you that it's Emotional Freedom, deep Confidence, peace, self-assuredness and so much more.

Leadership & Legacy Retreat

A weekend escape for female leaders who want to level up life AND business - so you can be a more powerful Role Model to the people who matter to YOU!


  • Women of Influence who are already making a difference and an impact but desire MORE!

  • Leaders who value personal development and know the more they grow, the more they are able to help OTHERS succeed

  • Women who crave the company of other like-minded women in a recharging, revitalising environment

The next Weekend Retreat is scheduled for November 2022, and for a limited time only, you can bring a friend along and BOTH of you will save 20% off the registration.

Click on the link to learn more.

A few words from my amazing and trusting Creatrix® clients



I am struggling to put into words what it is like working with Bree - amazing, wonderful, supported, cared for - a friend whom you can dive deeply and share with. Someone who listens, comes up with amazing responses and strategies and who cares very deeply about your success. Someone who will call a spade a spade which is genuinely what you need.

Bree is real, genuine, caring and supportive but won't allow you to cheat yourself out of facing then moving through your issues. My biggest concern about Creatrix® was that it wouldn't work or last and I'd be throwing away big money. IT'S WORTH EVERY CENT, and 7+ years on I can tell you it lasts!!!!This has turned my life around and will do the same for you

New Zealand




I really enjoyed working with Bree, I find her down to earth and real. I really do trust Bree with the confidential stuff and truely believe that nothing I said was judged. I feel much more confident so much more comfortable in my own skin. With 100% confidence I recommend Bree - she is excellent, caring, trustworthy and wants to help anyone all the way

Own Your BS® Products

Get REAL with your Negative Self Talk.
Turn those thoughts into Emotional Confidence. Register today for Own Your BS: The Program

Order your copy of the International Best Selling Book Own Your BS: The No-Nonsense Guide to addressing your Female Self Talk HERE

Love a good, honest, straight to the point Podcast that explores the most common traps of Head Talk? You'll love Own Your BS: The Podcast!

Enjoy self-paced empowerment? The Own Your BS products have been designed to give YOU the insights into what is preventing you from living a life of emotional confidence, along with some very powerful strategies you can utilise IN THE MOMENT, to bring your emotional state back to neutral space, thereby providing you with more control. PERFECT for women who want to give themselves (and their loved ones, aka, children!) tools that build emotional resilience.

The Own Your BS suite of products are a great alternative for those who are not quiet ready for a full Creatrix® Breakthrough.