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The Elite Breakthrough and Coaching Program for Established Leaders & Business Women wanting to resolve Leadership Loneliness, Imposter Syndrome and Burnout

Stage 1: Confidence Unleashed

This Reset addresses deep levels of Suppression and Not Good enough for women..... Women come from a very long line of suppression and inequality, and epigenetics tells us that we inherit up to 300yrs of this (depending on your heritage, your female ancestors would have experienced many episode of suppression, less than, not good enough simply because they were women, and you carry this aswell) so the Self-Esteem Reset is bringing back a very unshakeable power within you to know your worth, to stop questioning and doubting yourself, and to feel more certain about who you are, by addressing the influence of these past inequalities.

The following reset Heals Deep Emotional Pain and Reactions. This one is great for things such as anxiety. We know, being more emotional humans, that we FEEL emotions deeper, and we carry the impact of emotional events for longer (thanks to the wiring in our brain and the influence of our hormonal fluctuations) The Emotional Regulation Reset will balance out your emotional reactions and heal emotional pain and by raising your emotional intelligence to handle emotional events better in the future.

I am so confident that I can facilitate you to such a deep level of confidence withIN yourself, that I offer a Outcome Guarantee.

During our time together, we will identify and then shift the limiting perceptions you have of yourself, others and the world around specific events that you know trigger problematic behaviour, emotions and beliefs or your money back.

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Stage 2: Emotional Resilience Mastery

Welcome to the profound journey of Stage 2: Nervous System Reset, a pivotal stage that addresses the intricate relationship between women, stress responses, and the often-overlooked complexities of the nervous system. In this transformative phase, we recognize the unique depth with which women experience stress responses, impacting their ability to be fully present in the moment.

Unlike men, women tend to respond to stressors more deeply, leading to a perpetual state of being 'on' and never truly at rest. Our proven approach goes beyond the common fight or flight responses, addressing all stress responses to provide you with the tools needed to navigate every situation—big or small—with heightened consideration.

The Nervous System Reset is a groundbreaking exploration into the intricacies of stress and its profound impact on the female psyche. You will be guided to unravel the instinctual stress responses that have kept you on high alert. By shifting the perspectives that trigger these responses, you gain a unique set of skills that foster resilience and equip you to handle stress in a more considered manner.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only navigate significant life challenges with poise but also cultivate a sense of settled confidence in your everyday decisions, beliefs, and convictions.As you progress through Stage 2, anticipate a transformative shift—a recalibration of your nervous system that allows you to embrace life as the unapologetic, authentic version of yourself.

No longer bound by the constant undercurrent of stress, you'll find a newfound sense of settled calmness. This stage is not just about managing stress; it's about reclaiming power over your responses to life's complexities. With the Nervous System Reset, you'll emerge feeling more grounded, centered, and fully present, ready to approach every facet of your life with a profound sense of consideration and authenticity.

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Stage 3: Your Values and Vision

Enter the pinnacle of our transformative journey – Stage 3, the quintessence of value within our package. This stage is a masterclass in self-discovery, guiding women to unearth their deepest priorities and eliminate unconscious sabotage that threatens these core values. It's a bespoke experience dedicated to dissolving success and money blocks that contradict their ambitious nature.

Stage 3 is the epitome of aligning with your values, unraveling sabotaging perceptions, and propelling yourself to the next level of influence and success.Picture this: a woman finely tuned into her internal GPS system, guided by her values, bidding farewell to the forceful grind and perpetual hustle.

This stage involves a profound exploration of Limiting Perceptions surrounding money, success, and accomplishment.

The result? Liberation. Imagine stepping out to elevate your accomplishments in a way that transcends mere achievement – it's a feeling like never before. Stage 3 promises an existence characterized by ease, peace, and an unparalleled sense of self-harmony.

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Everything I'd known up until now - my 30+ year marriage, my successful career, my role as a mum - was on the verge of change and as a result, I couldn't shake the thought of "I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM without it all!"

I came to Bree because I just wanted to feel GOOD about myself. I wanted to know in my bones, that I am OK, that I can do what is right for me and not feel so damn responsible for everyone else, while judging myself constantly!

Before finding Bree, I'd tried Counselling, Therapy and Coaching. I'd taken holidays to escape and I'd tried to show myself 'self-love'. As a very success business woman, I'd done a lot of professional development, which meant I was good in some area's of my life, but when it's just me, on my own without things and people to distract me, I just felt so empty. Nothing seemed to really work, deep down where I know I needed it.

I elected to participate in the Leverage Your Legacy, Ultimate Reset Package because I was sick to death of playing at the surface - I wanted to work on all of the deep-rooted issues that I knew was there, but could never pinpoint or fully express. I could see that my own insecurities were something that ran through the women in my family and when I talked to Bree about how we inherit these experiences, I could see that pattern was rich. And I wanted to break the cycle as best I could.

After my first conversation with Bree I knew she had my back - she could see through the facade that I often portray and pinpointed the emotional pain that I thought I'd so cleverly hidden. And after working with her for a few weeks, as we started to approach the 3rd stage of my Reset, I was more and more aware of how my stress-responses were underlying every little decision I made - I was in a pattern of 'people pleasing' and that meant I was walking on egg-shells - my nervous system was on overdrive!

In the 6+ months since working with Bree life has been anything but smooth sailing but it's because of this rocky time that I've really been able to see how much working with Bree has helped me!

My marriage, ran it's course - we are in different places and I deserve the freedom to chase what I want in my golden years and so I'm actively creating that for myself now.

My son and his fiance are currently in Israel, which given the circumstances, yes, it's scary, sad and all things kind of dreadful, but overall, I'm ok. He's grown - they are both living their lives and I realise that I am ok with that.

AND, I've sold my 30+ year business, so that's come to an end too! BIG Life Events have happend, and although I've had brief moments of feeling things - with everything that's going on, that's expected - but overall, I'm so good WITHIN MYSELF! I have MOMENTS now instead of DAYS!!!

And when I think back on who I was in May 23, and how far I've come - I honestly can not even connect to that sad, empty woman anymore! Bree, thank YOU for giving me back ME!"

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