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Bree Stedman, September 14 2020

Want to succeed? Then STOP DOING and take this approach instead.... 

ONE of the biggest myths for women to be successful is straight from the Masculine Paradigm of DO, DO, DO

Most life coaches will teach that success comes from the ACTION you consistently DO.... apparently it’s that simple. Just DO what is necessary and when you DO enough THEN the success will come. It’s INEVITABLE right? 

WRONG. Because as a woman, if you are DOING and that action is causing you to consistently FEEL anything like Forced or Pressured it will cause you to FEEL Stressed and Overwhelmed and THAT IS REPELLING SUCCESS. 

“I HAVE to take this action because if I don’t I might miss an opportunity. And if I miss even small opportunities THEN I’m not a success” = Fear of Missing Out = Lack, Desperation, Envy and Jealousy even

“I HAVE to take this action NOW because if I don’t THEN I’m slacking off, and I’ve already spent so much money, people are relying on my to be successful” = Fear of Letting Others Down = Guilt and Shame. 

“I NEED to do this action because if I don’t then people might think that I’ve given up, it’ll prove that I’m not cut out for this” = Fear or Worry what other People Think, = Second-Guessing Yourself = More Stress and Pressure

“I NEED to do this to prove to myself that I CAN, to prove I am capable and worthy of what I want” = Fear of not Measuring up = Comparing Self to Others = Not Good Enough

How can you CREATE success - abundance - flow if want you are DOING causes you to feel any of these Fears, Doubts or Insecurities?! The energetic input of all of these kind of activities is not ATTRACTING what you want - it’s pushing it away - and that goes for the clients you’re wanting to work with also! 

Women are NOT driven by the same things men are. For a man to complete a list of actions every day often fills him with a sense of pride and accomplishment. He’s done his job - he can rest at night KNOWING he did what he had to do and therefore he FEELS good about himself. 

While completing his list of ‘To-Do’ he doesn’t question himself, he doesn’t worry what others will think, or how his actions might be perceived. 

And if he DOESN'T do the actions then he doesn’t beat himself up, he just puts it on the list for tomorrow. 

Women, however - WELL, WE connect emotions to EVERYTHING. And our Emotions determine how we go into an action - if the action makes us feel ANYTHING other than positive, if it comes from a place of “need or should” then the energy we bring into the sabotaging the results the action COULD attract. 

Not only that - but any action that causes us to feel like we are HUSTLING or FORCING a result is not ACTUALLY going to attract what you really want anyway! Because at the core of why you are in this business of helping others in the first place is because of HER! And you FORCING ACTION to ‘attract’ her is NOT giving her the time or space to step towards you when SHE feels inspired to do so...

The most NATURAL approach for women to take when it comes to CREATING SUCCESS is to BE then DO then HAVE. 

BE happy. BE confident. BE SURE OF YOURSELF. KNOW that you are worthy of everything you desire and TRUST that because of that, all you are IS already enough. 

THEN through that KNOWING, DO. Do what FEELS good. Do what you instinctively know is right for you AT THE TIME OF DOING IT and, when combined with TRUSTING that it WILL all come together, you WILL HAVE. 

Taking this approach is showing that world that you are so sure of yourself and what you have to offer that you are PREPARED TO WAIT for HER to step towards you. It’s an energetic confidence that speaks volumes withOUT you having to FORCE!

IT’s a far more feminine and intuitive way of creating success. It means some days, when it FEELS RIGHT to smash out all that Action, you’ll do it and you’ll be energised, pumped and confident about what you’re doing. 

And on the days when you FEEL that you want some down time, you’ll know what activities to do to amplify that feeling of Self-Love. 

You see, when you KNOW in your bones that your on the right path, that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and that your work is MEANINGFUL to YOU, then EVERYTHING you do is ALREADY leading you towards success. IT’s already leading you to the women you are DESIRING to attract because THEY are stepping towards you from their own merit - their own desire to match up with YOU! 

THE NEED for women to BE to DO to HAVE is the approach we implement into all our Training for Creatrix® Transformologists®. We KNOW that in order for our Transformologist® to create a lifestyle of helping other women to be free, that THEY need to be free from everything that could sabotage them from BEing FIRST. 

All those Fears mentioned earlier - and the subsequent Feelings that are attached to them - THEY are our priority when training our Facilitators - so that as they develop the skills in Creatrix®, they are able to take EFFORTLESS action withOUT force or pressure.

It’s one of the crucial points of difference you’ll find in our Membership - we consistently help you to BE more of who you want to be, so you can take Aligned Action and DO what is necessary to attract your clients so that then BOTH you and her can HAVE. 

Interested? You know I’m up for a chat! Reach out via PM or book in a call at http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

Written by

Bree Stedman

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