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Bree Stedman, September 9 2020

As a Coach, is this advice driving YOU nuts too?!

 I recently participated in a Masterclass from held by a manifestation coach for women - a lady who although undoubtedly had created a lot of success for herself was promising that in just 1 hour she would reveal the #1 blocked that stopped women from creating abundance, success and wealth. 

I figured I’d check it out, as she has a large following and in the space of just a few hours had a large number of women join her group to learn this secret. 

I wanted to see what I could learn from her AND also hear what it is she would be teaching so many women who clearly want to feel more abundant. 

I was unsurprised when she started saying 
“The reason you aren’t successful in what you want from this life is because you are denying yourself the right to express how you are feeling. 
In order to RECEIVE you have to work through your feels. And when you do that - when you SIMPLY GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to have all the feels, then you are saying to the universe NOW I AM READY” 

Perhaps the MOST unsurprising thing was the comments from her followers saying “yes! This is exactly what I needed to hear / thank you - how do I sign up?” 

This is well meaning advice yes. And although it’s important for you to ‘feel your feels’ doing this ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH. 


Advice like is EXACTLY why you are not moving forward like you want, why your STILL struggling with all your feels despite all the hours and all the money you’ve spent trying to ‘work through it’ AND why your clients are not getting the results you desperately know they deserve. 

Because it’s surface level. It’s trying to work with the smallest part of the mind (the conscious mind) to change GENERATIONS of beliefs held and protected by the UNconscious Mind. 

And it’s completely disregarding the STRENGTH of the emotion fed by the the memories (both personal and ancestral) to the brain in WOMEN. We can’t simply “feel the feels to turn them off”.... 

In fact “feeling the feels is going to STRENGTHEN the feels and make it HARDER to turn off” 

Sharing advice like this is not this ladies fault. She clearly has a strong passion to help others achieve... and she absolutely believes in her program (for a 4 figure investment, in just 3 weeks she’ll have you attracting anything you want in your life - finance, love, success!) 

Her program, like countless other programs will teach some powerful in-the-moment strategies to alleviate SOME of the problem SHORT-Term... BUT she also has a disclaimer at the bottom of her page saying she can NOT Guarantee that the results she’s personally achieved can be duplicated for any other individual. 

And THERE lies my biggest problem. She has a large audience of women buying what she’s selling them, she’s building up hopes that she can turn their inner turmoil into abundance by ‘feeling the feels’ and yet she’s not confident enough in GUARANTEEING OUTCOMES. 

She will take money and she’ll flaunt her success BUT she won’t Guarantee her clients Results with the Investment they outlay. 

Why is this? Because this too is Far Too Common in the world of Personal Development and Coaching. 

Fundamentally it’s because she, like all other female coaches working with women, KNOW that what they do with their clients is NOT breaking the cycles that cause their clients the problem in the first place.

They are TEMPORARILY empowering their clients to think and feel better AS LONG AS the client continues to focus on changing their thoughts and feelings consciously. 

They are TEMPORARILY empowering the clients for as long as the clients are working with them. 

And they know that in some way they will make a difference BUT it won’t be life changing long term. 

This is where Transformology® is DIFFERENT

We don’t just work with a client because they are willing to pay us. 

We don’t just work with a client because they SAY “but I’m so READY to change” - particularly if they have yet to MAKE CHANGES towards the life they want for themselves. 

We don’t just say “I can help you but I can’t guarantee your results” 

We say “if you are 100% committed to making change, to prioritising yourself so YOU can level your life up, to taking FULL ownership of what you are feeling and believing so you can break the inherited pattern that fuels your choices THEN we won’t only work with you for as long as it takes BUT we GUARANTEE that ALL the emotions, the beliefs, the LIMITATIONS that are causing you grief right now, will NO LONGER affect the way you choose to live your life in the future. We will guarantee Long-Lasting, Cycle-Breaking Transformation” 

Now, this post will either having you nodding your head in agreement, or it won’t. It it doesn’t, that’s ok - our approach doesn’t resonate with others - and if that’s the case I wish you all the best in your journey. 

However if this IS making sense to you - if you too are fed up of seeing well-meaning coaches promoting themselves and their programs, charging their clients for SHORT-TERM results that they won’t even guarantee and you WANT to have the Confidence in Yourself AND your tool to be able to look another woman in the eye and say “I KNOW I CAN HELP HOU SO MUCH THAT I WILL GUARANTEE YOUR OUTCOME”, then MAYBE Transformology® is for YOU! 

Let chat!  APPLY NOW for Creatrix® Transformology® at http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

Written by

Bree Stedman


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