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Bree Stedman, September 2 2020

Why Positive Thinking ETC isn't REALLY Helping You OR Your Clients

Be honest when I ask this..... Hows your Positive Thinking /Gratitude Journal / Vision Board or Affirmations REALLY working out for you? Is it REALLY providing you with LONG-TERM Inspiration and Motivation, or do you catch yourself replying with each Positive thought with an Internal Snide Remark? 

THAT Internal Snide Remark is the exact reason WHY the Positive Thinking feels so HARD for women - because every time the thought is said/heard, the accompany emotions are FELT. This is even MORE of a problem for Women because of many factors - here's two of them! 

 1. Epigientically we have generations of women before us who have been downtrodden, suppressed and degraded to feel worthless, not good enough, incapable - this history is FEEDING the Internal Snide Remark. 

2. Biologically, we ARE different - For instance, we have more connection from the head to the heart, so we connect so many more emotions to the circumstances of our lives AND we have more difficulty letting the past go because of it. 

*  You WANT to think/believe "I am Successful"..... but that Internal Snide Remark says "no I'm not - I'm a failure"..... and that leads you to feel like a fake and a hypocrite….
* You WANT to think/believe "I CAN make a REAL difference".... but that Internal Snide Remark says "Who are you kidding, you can't even help yourself".... and that leads you to feel Guilty. Ashamed. Embarrassed.
* You WANT to think/believe that "change is EASY".... but that Internal Snide Remark says "O give me a break! I've been trying to change this sh*t for years and we're STILL working on it".... and that, deep down, leads you to believe that MAYBE you're beyond fixing
* You WANT to really help other women but deep down you don’t BELIEVE you can and THAT leaves you feeling like utter crap!

The Internal Snide Remark - your ACTUAL truth or self-perception - is the very thing that needs to be addressed at the CORE, so that your Positive Thinking, your Mantra’s, Visions Boards, Women’s Circles and all the Self-Love and care you are doing can support you to be the dynamic Transformational Leader you are striving to be. 

Of course - you can 'train your brain' with any one of the 'masculine' methods currently taught - but you'll be doing it CONSCIOUSLY and with EFFORT for the rest of your life AND chances are you’ll get fed up with how HARD this approach is BEFORE you start to actually FEEL AND BELIEVE what it is your trying to convince yourself of.
(This applies to your clients as well - we all know that even when our clients are EAGER to change, when they are left in their own, with only their negative thoughts, it’s VERY hard for them to push through the sabotage because the negative belief holds TRUTH in them!) 

OR, you can address your Internal dialogue with LONG-LASTING, Cycle-Breaking results FAST with Creatrix® Transformology® And when you do it for YOU, then you can do it for HER - the woman that you're driven to serve. Reach out if your Interested in knowing more.

Written by

Bree Stedman


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