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Bree Stedman, August 24 2020

You NEED this in the next PD/Empowerment Course you Do....

Wanna hear something CRAZY!

76% of Personal Development audiences are Women and of those women, the majority of them have previously attended an event of the same nature. 

It’s understandable then that many Leaders and Coaches in this field believe that ‘letting go’ of negative emotions and beliefs is HARD work. 

Here’s the thing….Whether you’ve been to one PD event, or 10, it’s paramount that what you are learning is ABLE to break your negative cycles so YOU feel the benefits of long term change. 

Think about it...Most PD events share information of similar nature. Unconscious/Conscious Mind. Cause/Effect. Blame/Responsibility. This field is bombarded with ‘new’ processes that promise BIG results. 

And yet they are ALL missing ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE for Women. 

Now, more than ever there are Female Life Coaches with the best of intentions to serve others, feeling like frauds. Failures. Incapable of facilitating lasting change in others. 

So, at the very LEAST, the next time you go researching another PD course to empower yourself AND your clients, be sure it includes these 3 things! 

#1: The Process/Tool/Method/Modality you are looking into includes solid documentation that supports our Gender Differences - our biology, neurology and our past. 

#2: The Process/Tool/Method/Modality gives you a Framework that allows YOU to be healed AS you learn how to heal your clients with an Outcome Guarantee.

#3: The Organisation selling the Process/Tool/Method/Modality provides you with year round support - further increasing your development as a facilitator, and thereby increasing your chances for long-term success. 

Set your next Personal Development Investment up with the above 3 things and I can promise you will experience a much more pleasant outcome that provides you with Longer-lasting results (for you AND your clients!) 

And if you struggle to find anything that fulfils those three key area’s, reach out because Creatrix® Transformology® DOES xxx

Written by

Bree Stedman


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