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Bree Stedman, August 11 2020

What stops Female Coaches from Earning a Profit in their Businesses

You’ve got a passion for helping others, so you go and do a course that gives you the qualifications to do exactly that....And then it comes time to setting up your business and your fee structure. 

At first, you think you’ll ‘just get some experience’ and so you offer some free consultations. 

Then you start getting calls from family and friends, so you ‘show your support’ by counselling or coaching them during conversations.6 months goes by and you’re yet to gain a paying client. You come up with all the offers that you possibly can, and still.... crickets. 

So you try and do another course - maybe if you gain ANOTHER qualification you’ll feel good enough to charge. You’ll ‘break’ those money blocks and build something that resembles success. This new qualification helps you for a bit (everything helps to a degree) but before long you find the same pattern play out again.

You’re giving away a lot of content, you’re doing free consultations, you’re spending hours trying to connect but nothing much is happening. One would think that surely after all the time and money you’ve invested in yourself and your business, you’d have better results by now. (Personal Confidence results AND business results!) 

And although you might attract a client or two, you can’t help but wonder 
“what kind of coach am I if I STILL feel like they are lacking or missing something. If I’m spending all my spare time ‘hustling’ for little outcome” 

The longer this cycle continues, the stronger their negative self-perception becomes 
“maybe I can’t do this”
"I AM a failure”
“I’ll never be a success”

And that often grows into a fear of being judged - a fear of being seen - a fear of being rejected.
“Who am I to call myself a coach?” 

This story is not uncommon for so many of the women I talk to.... Just like they all share a desire to be rid of their own blocks and limiting self-perceptions LONG-TERM, so they can help others. 

The reason for this problematic cycle is two fold. Firstly, when a woman has ANY level of insecurity or doubt about her ability, or worthiness in business, she unconsciously sabotages herself. This is because one of the unconscious mind’s job is to PROTECT you - and so if you have a fear of being judged, a belief of not being good enough, a sense that ‘they’ are better than you, then unconsciously you’ll avoid doing activities that MIGHT put you in a position to feel any of those things.
This is NOT unheard of information though is it - most Personal Development teaches this concept in their Initial training programs. So WHY, if you’ve done a Personal Development Qualification that teaches this knowledge, do you STILL struggle with these issues?

Because so many of the methods that women frequently train in do not talk to the FEMALE Unconscious.... these programs are like a PC Computer trying to instal a MAC App (you’re the MAC!) - they just don’t talk, therefore they can’t do the job of breaking that unconscious belief. 

And, what TRIGGERS the Unconscious Belief in the first place? Epigenetics.... the INHERITED baggage that is passed on through the DNA.... up to 14 generations back!!! Yep, YOUR Beliefs are NOT YOURS. And they aren’t just your mums. Or your grandma’s. There is no real way of knowing EXACTLY when a belief entered the your family line, but if the processes you use do NOT take this Scientific FACT into consideration, then you’ll find your beliefs will continue to cycle back around because they’ve not been addressed at the starting cause.
Given the history of WOMEN - there is likely a LOOOOOOONG list of examples throughout your ancestors of women feeling ALL that you feel about yourself - doubt, insecurity, not good enough, FEAR. And this science is rarely seen in modern methods of breaking beliefs. 

Secondly - and this follows on from the above point - if you don’t FEEL that you CAN, to the point where EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY KNOWS that you ARE good enough, that you have the capabilities and everything you need to Create what you want for YOURSELF AND others, then no amount of ‘fake it til you make it’, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, ‘just do it, the confidence will come’ mantra’s will help long term (sure they might help you in the moment, but the inspiration will be fleeting) 

And because of this, when it comes to valuing your services and backing the results that you can get for others, will be limited by your doubts. 

The above two examples are just two of the area’s that we cover in Transformology® - we KNOW that if a woman doesn’t believe that she CAN, then she won’t (or she will but it will either be short lived OR it’ll be done with such force and hustle that it becomes exhausting and not as enjoyable) 

The approach that we take therefore is one that supports how we women MUST heal. We help you WHILE you are learning through practical experience how to help HER.
And then, as you’re building business, making authentic connections and growing, we are there through every step of the way with ongoing business support. 

And all of it is supported with Creatrix® - a Personal Development tool designed FOR women BY A woman, designed around the science of Epigenetics AND the FEMALE Unconscious Mind (the Engine Room of Epigenetics!) 

If this story reasonates with you, and you’d like to know more about how Transformology® can elevate you so you can help HER, then let’s have a chat! Http://go.oncehub.com/bree-IOWI
You’ll also find info on our website: www.instituteofwomen.com
And if you’d like to hear some Real Life stories of women who have build success around Transformology®, check out our new podcast ‘Personal Development Designed for Women’ at www.breestedman.com/podcast

Written by

Bree Stedman


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