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Bree Stedman, August 4 2020

Why 'Just Focus on what you want' is BS for Women in Business

I bet sometime over the building of your business, you’ve been told to ‘stay focused on your goals and it’ll all come together’….
Heck I’d be willing to bet you’ve even advised some of YOUR clients to ‘stay focused on what they want’. 

AND I bet at times this advise has also driven you crazy - you’ve maybe even had thoughts like “ALL I do is stay focused on my goals…. I think about my business 24/7. Even when I’m “switched off” I’m still thinking about what I could be doing to take my business closer to my goal. 

This advice is actually pretty useless for us women. 

For one, we are cyclic - so there will be times in the month when we are Hyper-Focused, and other times of the month where we are Less-Focused - this isn’t a reflection of our desire to succeed or achieve our goals, it’s just part of who we are as women.

But being hormonal isn’t the only reason why ‘just stay focused’ is BS advice for women.

NATURALLY women are MORE focused than the typical man - it’s not something we need to ‘switch on’ or consciously do - it’s part of our design. 

Ever walked into a room, taken a single glance at the person sitting on the lounge and instantly known there was a problem - without them even saying a word? In a split second you’re focusing on all the fine details in the room - the posture of the person, the fine details of their expression, the slight waver in their voice when they say “hi”…. 

With more P Ganglion Cells in our Retina’s, we see the world through focused lenses that see detail NATURALLY. Men have more M Ganglion cells which means they spend more of their time in Peripheral - they HAVE to consciously choose to focus their attention because they are designed to see a wider view of the world. And this is where advice like ‘FOCUS’ comes from - a man’s perspective that benefits from that conscious choice! 

There are many popular courses that ‘teach’ strategies designed to help you ‘read’ a persons face, but as a woman, you don’t need to learn how to do this. You’ve been designed to do it naturally and without effort! 

And this is why advice like ‘Just Stay Focused’ is NOT supporting you to create success long term. Because the harder you try and focus, and the longer you try and do it, the more frustrated you’ll become - you’re hyper-focused effort means you’re forcing something that is natural for you and as a result, you start to focus on all the things that’ aren’t working and that, 90% of the time, results in you ultimately doubting yourself - after all, with so much ‘focus’ going on, you ‘should’ be further ahead by now right?!

This is just one of the core differences between men and women that a lot of Personal Development does NOT take into consideration. By better understanding how you as a woman differ from the male studies that formed the basis of most PD taught, you will set YOURSELF up for more success, resulting in you being able to help your Female clients MORE. 

If this reasonates with you, and you’d like to know more about how Transformology® can elevate you so you can help HER, then let’s have a chat! Http://go.oncehub.com/bree-IOWI

You’ll also find info on our website: www.instituteofwomen.com

And if you’d like to hear some Real Life stories of women who have build success around Transformology®, check out our new podcast ‘Personal Development Designed for Women’ at www.breestedman.com/podcast

Written by

Bree Stedman


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