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Bree Stedman, July 9 2020

Welcome to your New Glass Ceiling!

You’ve been on your path for a while, cruising along, doing your thing, when out of the blue a switch goes off inside of you and you feel the tracks slip from underneath your feet.

You can’t even pinpoint what it was that caused you to lose your mojo - it might have been a conversation with a friend, family member or peer - it might have been something someone else is doing that you’re struggling to do….But all of a sudden, you can’t stop your brain from going a million miles a minute all day long.

“I can’t do this….”
“What if….”
“I’m not sure I can….”
“Look at her, she’s so XYZ, I’ll never be as good as her….”
“Maybe I should look for something else?….”
“Maybe this isn’t for me?….”
“Who am I to do this anyway?….”
“WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? After all the experience I have, and all the work I’ve done on myself, I shouldn’t be reacting like this!….”

Every one of these beliefs trigger off an avalanche of feeling that you just can’t shake - no matter what you try and do…. These emotions have got you so good that even your most dependable ‘go-to’ strategy is falling flat - you just can’t pull yourself out of this funk!

Welcome to your newest Glass Ceiling!


You’re experiencing this new Glass Ceiling BECAUSE of the work you’ve done up until now - every time you grow, you stretch your thinking and perception to be able to succeed at life on that level - all of the work you’ve done for yourself up until now has got you to THIS point…. 

But as is the nature of life, you are constantly exposed to new triggers and situations that can cause you to level up…. This is the blessed journey of the ambitious woman and the Emotional Glass Ceiling.

This Emotional Glass Ceiling is presenting you with a choice…. Stay limited and in the ‘safe comfort zone’ by altering your activities so that those negative emotions reduce in intensity OR, face it head on and see it for what it really is - an opportunity for you to GROW AGAIN!

"So Bree, WHY after so much work, do I keep butting my head up against these Glass Ceilings though? SURELY TO GOD I’VE DONE ENOUGH?!!! I practice self love, I regularly meditate, I have a number of practices that I religiously adhere to - most of the time I’m really confident and able to ‘cope’ with stuff like this! And I’m able to help OTHERS, so why can’t I help myself in this regards?!"

This new Glass Ceiling has been triggered because of recent things that you have experienced - that phone call, conversation or observation about someone else’s activities....but they are fed from hundreds of generations before you….

This is Epigenetics and it's why so many women are struggling with issues they can't explain!
YOUR family history is playing out within your cells every single day, in every thought, belief and feeling you have (science is proving up to 14 generations - that's almost 300 years!) - and your unconscious mind will slowly unlayer these issues for you as you continue to grow and expose yourself to new levels of achievement, success and life.

Busting through your Emotional Glass Ceilings DOES NOT need to be a long, hard fought battle - especially when you work with who you are as a FEMALE 

Interested in knowing how you can do this?!  So you can do this FOR YOURSELF and then in turn do it  for OTHERS?! Let's talk! http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi

Written by

Bree Stedman


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