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Bree Stedman, August 10 2019

She felt like a reject, unlovable and unworthy 

I asked her “What will happen if you don’t get the emotional release you’re looking for” to which she looked me straight in the eye and said....

“Bree, I can not see my life lasting much longer beyond this moment if I don’t get the emotional release. I simply can not - NO, I WILL NOT, continue to live my life like this - this is THE last hope for me. I am ALL in”

After a lifetime of people turning away from her, every day she felt was just providing more proof of how f*ed up she was - her husband had left her, she had lost contact with her grown children, she felt stuck in a job she hated and she lived in a town where everyone knew everything, so she couldn’t say boo without someone knowing about it.
She felt like a reject.... unlovable and unworthy of anything in life.

She had spent YEARS trying to feel good about herself - in and out of specialist’s offices, trying to ‘heal’ the past so she could move on to something better for herself. But she felt hopeless - nothing had worked.... maybe she was just destined to live a miserable life? It was that feeling of hopelessness that led her to me.

Two weeks later, my client was FREE from all the emotions that had previously left her feeling like there was no hope. She had a new lease on life, a new outlook - one full of possibilities, choices and options that she’d previously been blind to because she was SO CAUGHT UP in her story of circumstance. 

Creatrix® had done what it was meant to do, and I’d helped facilitate her emotional release in just 2 sessions!

I’d love to tell you that this beautiful lady (who now, 6+ years later is still living life large and with passion!) has been the only lady I’ve worked with who felt this hopeless. Despair and Desperate.

But she’s not. In fact these dark thoughts are far more common than you’d be comfortable knowing.

She is one of many many women who have admitted to me the depths and darkness that consumes them when negative emotions take hold - lack of self worth, self love, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, resentment, betrayal, hopelessness, lost.... the list goes on.

Women who from the outside appeared to have NO reason to want a way out - professional success, loving relationships, friendships that support, single women, coupled women, mothers, women with no children, self-employed, part time workers, full time workers and corporate women, women in their teens, women in their 70’s and everything in between.

For many of these ladies, they have spent YEARS in and out of various professional offices trying to heal themselves. They’ve been on and off medications, they’ve invested time and money in various programs, therapy models and courses to try and feel just a smidgen of self compassion, love and worth.

But, for all of them and with all of the help they’d sought, it was only ever a matter of time before whatever they thought they’d addressed came back to haunt them.... be it in negative head talk, story telling or simply FEELING those feelings again.

The reason that so many women continue to struggle is often because the modalities they try don’t ‘gel’ with the way their brains see the problem.

The fact is, most of what we know about how the brain perceives emotional events and how to release that has been developed from studies on MALE brains. Studies that didn’t take into consideration our neurological differences such as our larger Limbic Systems (our emotional control centres) or our Inferential Perceptions of the world.
They didn’t monitor and track how hormones affect the quality of our thinking and feeling AND they certainly didn’t take into consideration the generation after generation of inherited emotional baggage.

Putting it simply - most approaches are like trying to install a PC Software program in to a Mac Computer and expecting it to work.

Sure - the methods help to alleviate the intensity for a short time.... some of those methods I personally use day to day to temporarily reset my perception of situations. BUT, they didn’t get to the deep core of WHERE the emotion or belief originated from.

THIS is why I love LOVE Creatrix® like I do - because no matter the severity of what you’re feeling - if you’re over it, you’re over it.
Creatrix® has proven to me time and time again that, despite the circumstances that causes a woman to feel what she feels, it works. It cuts out the noise and the fluff of everything the fuels the feeling and it gets to the core of what’s driving it. And then, swiftly, painlessly and sometimes even enjoyably, it releases it.

Are you ready for this? A new chapter of your life to begin where the past has been wiped clean setting you free to create? Holler out girl. I’m ready when you are. The first step is to simply reach out :) 


PS; if you are a coach or professional wanting to get these kind of results for your clients, reach out. As a trainer for the Institute of Women International in Creatrix® Transformology® I can share with you all the information about how you can elevate your results so you can, with 100% confidence guarantee these kind of outcomes for the women you are passionate about working with https://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

Written by

Bree Stedman


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