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Bree Stedman, July 20 2019

She couldn't find any Relief

It was her worst nightmare.

She’d spent her entire life invested in creating something special for herself and her family.

And then in a blink of an eye, it was gone.

She was left with a deep sad hurt that she just couldn’t shake.

Sure there was still plenty of things in her life that should have given her joy, but it felt like everything was now experienced behind a veil.

Her kids naturally filled some of the hole in her heart just by being themselves, but on the long lonely nights, even the sound of their soft snoring couldn’t ease the pain.

So she spent time with her friends - and they cheered her up for a while - especially when there was a bottle of wine involved. But soon enough the morning would roll around and with it the memories. The pain. The inability to move on.

People told her it would get easier with TIME.

And time kept ticking over. The more time that passed, the more she hid behind a forced smile - after all, it wasn’t ‘acceptable’ to be down in the dumps after all this time passed. And there was only so much people could say and do anyway.

But no amount of time would dull the memories. Memories that haunted her, that made her FEEL all over again. GOD WHY COULDN’T SHE JUST STOP THE MEMORIES.So she tried her best. To put the past behind her. To be strong. To be happy and engaged.

In some respects it got easier. She found herself in a routine that was easy enough to manage.
But in others, it was harder. She just couldn’t get over it. She couldn’t find any RELIEF.

That’s what brought her to me. She was desperate for some relief. She didn’t expect a miracle - but surely feeling even a LITTLE bit better was going to be a BIG improvement.

Little did she know what lie ahead of her.

After Creatrix®, nothing in her life changed - she couldn’t change the past. The situation was what it was. And yet EVERYTHING changed. Because when she was able to heal the hurt, the sad, the pain of that time, she was able to see that she had a whole future ahead of her full of joy, happiness and hope.

That’s the thing about life. Things happen that we have very little control over. And sometimes those things just plain SUCK.

Many people believe that as a result of those realities, that you’ll be constantly handcuffed to those events of the past. We can try to understand why things happen to us, but then we can also drive ourselves crazy by trying to understand. OR, we can heal what drives those memories.

This is not to say that the memories that have made you who you are today become irrelevant, but the emotions that prevent you from making the most of NOW, THEY don’t need to have hold on you. And they certainly don’t need to define what happens for you TOMORROW.

And this is what Creatrix® has the beauty of gifting you - helping you to make peace with whatever has happened in your past so you can use that to drive your future positively. Set yourself FREE from the past and create your future the way YOU choose.


Written by

Bree Stedman


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