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Bree Stedman, July 27 2019

She had nothing to complain about yet she felt empty

She stood in front of the room at the podium with her notes prepared. She’d done this countless times before....

“All you have to do is put a smile on your face, hold eye contact. Tell them what they want to hear. Put on a show, that’s what you’re here for. Fake it.”

She went through the motions and at the end of her presentation, she was applauded. She was congratulated. They told her she did great.

And she felt like shit.
From the outside it appeared she had it all. She was a successful business owner and a known influencer in her community. Her family were close - the relationship she shared with her partner and her children almost flawless. And she lived in a beautiful suburb in a beautiful home.

She had nothing to complain about.

And yet she was so unhappy. There wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ per se, and yet, she felt empty. Like her spark had somehow fizzled out.
So much of her day was spent in auto-pilot. Ticking boxes. Completing tasks. Getting the job done.

She didn’t even KNOW what was wrong, so how could she ask for help?

All she knew was that at home, she was saying all the right things, hugging and hand holding, but she FELT disconnected.
At work she was ‘kicking ass’ but none of it mattered because it didn’t satisfy her.

She was ‘participating’ in life but felt like something was missing.
And every time she tried to talk about it, she’d find herself lost for words.... lost for motivation, lost for purpose, lost for.... life.

Because she couldn’t clearly express what was a matter with her - she just knew that ‘something’ wasn’t right.

She took her family on a big holiday to ‘escape and relax’ thinking maybe all she needed was some time away. They ticked off all the tourist things - her kids laughed, her partner relaxed, they ‘made memories’.

But when she came home.... nothing had changed. Except now she had a heap of happy snaps to ‘prove’ that her life was perfect.

That was when she decided she’d had enough.No more faking it.

No more pretending.
No more feeling like she was living a ground hog day existence that left her feeling that it was all pointless.
She wanted to find herself again.
Her spark.
Her enthusiasm for life.

And so she reached out.
“I don’t know if you can help me Bree - I have no reason to feel what I feel, and I’ve tried so hard to ‘get over it’, but I just can’t. I don’t even know where to start. I just know that I can’t keep going like this”

Over the past 6 years I’ve had women just like this come to me and say these exact same thing “I don’t know where to begin. You probably don’t think it’s even a problem. I just know that I’m messed up”

Women who have no real reason to feel negatively and yet can’t shake the feeling despite best efforts often suffer in silence because they feel so UNGRATEFUL for even complaining - after all so many people have it worse right?


The bottom line is, if you are feeling something that makes your life less than what you desire, then it’s an issue. It doesn’t matter why. It doesn’t matter what. All that matters is you believe you deserve more AND you’re prepared to have more.

And if you knew the science of epigenetics that PROVES up to 14 generations (that’s almost 300 years!) of emotional blocks, beliefs and traumas are passed on to us genetically, you’d know that you don’t actually NEED a reason to feel what you feel. 

Because chances are, someone somewhere in your family line has all the reason in the world to feel it (seriously - have a think for just 2 seconds how much suppression, criticism and judgement women in your family line may have experienced.... think historically beyond just your mum and your grandma but the generations that came before you!)

Live your life authentically with a passion that burns in your belly - that inspires you to create ALL the life you desire. 


PS~ This client is now 5+ years post her Creatrix® Breakthrough and she's GENUINELY loving, engaging and connected to her life. She made some changes, re-established some much needed boundaries and started to speak her truth..... the result..... well, she found herself. Just like you can

Written by

Bree Stedman


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