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Bree Stedman, July 13 2019

She wore sadness like a cloak

When she first came to me you could see the sadness in her eyes..... it was like a cloak she wore tight around her, protecting her from things only she could see.

When she started to open up to me, that pain pulsates from her....

“It’s so sad to say you have a problem with yourself when from the outside it appears you have a great life. We have everything that we could ever need and are so lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love and support us.
But I’ve been struggling with depression for more than 12 years, since the arrival of my first child. Now a days, the smallest thing - a weird look from my husband, a comment from a family member, even a side wards glance from a stranger can set me off into a deep spiral of depression and anxiety that lingers for days”

She went on to tell me what that looked like.... a severe lack of motivation to participate in daily life with a preference to lose herself in mindless TV and mindless eating. As a result she was putting on weight, which as a result had her feeling even worse about herself.

She regularly found herself ‘losing’ time - she’d take her kids to school and get home with the intention to get things done, but before she knew it, it was 3pm and school pick up, and she’d done nothing.

The next few hours would be a blur of anxious panic as she ran around trying to do what she should have done when she was on her own, clean, make calls for her at home business, prepare dinner .... all while the needs of her children would be met with screaming and a short temper.

And at night, after everyone was tucked in bed, she’d lay in bed with silent tears rolling down her cheeks, unable to sleep because of the constant stream of dialogue she couldn’t stop from thinking. She couldn’t STOP the flow of emotions - the guilt, the despair, the feeling of hopelessness, the anger and frustration, stress and overwhelm.

For more than a decade she had tried to get help with her depression and anxiety.

She’d spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars working with professionals - many of whom gently told her that this state of mind would likely be something she would have to ‘manage’ for the remainder of her life.

Medication was often recommended - sometimes she went on it to help get through the hardest periods, but she personally didn’t like the way it made her feel - she really struggled to get her doses right - something that felt like a constant battle.

It got to a point where she was willing to try ANYTHING to get some kind of relief from the shadow that hung over her head. Which is when she found me.

She’d been watching me online for sometime - from a distance she had seen my own personal transformation, and she’d read the testimonials from some of the women that I’d worked with. She figures she had nothing else to lose by committing some more of her time and money on a different kind of approach.

We worked together for 6 weeks.... after just her first session she couldn’t believe the shift she was experiencing - the burden was already lifting. She was leaving the house! She’d even joined a gym!

By the end of our time together she’d been regularly working out, had started a new hobby and had started to meet some new people. She implemented weekly family meals, and found herself genuinely enjoying conversation.

Since her Creatrix® breakthrough, she’s gone on to study and has since started a new career.

The depression and anxiety she struggled with on a daily basis for more than 12 years has not returned - sure there’s been times when she’s had to stop, take a breath and reset, but she’s never been pulled back down to that level of emotional crisis.

Because after Creatrix®, she KNEW at the core of who she was, that the appearance of having it all, was in fact her truth. It was no longer this thing that seemed just outside of her reach, because she had it all inside of her and she makes the most of every bit of it!

When you’re in the depths of emotional states it’s so easy to feel that you’ll never be rid of it. However, experience is constantly showing me and the almost 300 clients that I’ve worked with, that it CAN change. That there is no one circumstance NOR emotion that needs to define you. 

A new chapter is at your fingertips - and YOU get to turn the page.


Written by

Bree Stedman


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