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Bree Stedman, June 29 2019

She was heartbroken and lonely

She contacted me on Facebook Messenger late one evening....
“Can you help me? I’m so heartbroken and lonely....I don’t think I can go on....”

12 months before she had what she thought was the perfect family. Happy kids. A long term happy marriage. A happy home.

It fell apart when her partner unexpectedly announced that it was over. And it blindsided her - she’d had no idea.
“I’m still in such shock that he left me..... what did I do that stopped him from loving me? How could he break up our family like that?”

For so long she’d put her heart and soul into her family life and her partnership. It was what she had lived for, and now that it was gone.... she didn’t know what to do - she didn’t know who she was, because for her whole adult life she’d only been Mrs and Mum.

She knew that for the sake of her children, she had to find the strength inside of her to rebuild and move on.She just didn’t know how.

Over the next few nights we continued to chat - she shared with me her heartache.I shared with her details about how I could help her. And after a week or so, she decided to invest in a Retreat. 

As a now single income home, she was concerned about the finances, but when she weighed that cost up against the cost of her feeling the way she did, and the sadness that showed in her children’s eyes when they looked at her, she knew that it was a financial cost that was necessary.

And so one winter weekend she joined me and 5 other ladies at a Retreat.

And over that 48hrs she started to remember who she was BEFORE she was a Mrs and a Mum. She started to remember the dreams and goals she had first herself as an individual. She remembered what it was to be whole, without anyone else filling the holes.

And she found a strength deep within to say goodbye to her marriage and hello to a new chapter for herself.

I remember the last night of her Retreat.... I looked out the window to see her standing by the small campfire we had lit. She was straightening back up after placing something in the fire (it was a photo of her and her partner taken on a family holiday)

She stood there for a while afterwards, staring into the flames, lost in thought.  After sometime she came back inside and said to me, with a look of melancholy peace 

“I just set him free.... and in turn I’ve set myself free”

She hugged me tight as tears trickled down both our faces..... this was the gift she’d been searching for and she’d found it!I’ll always remember this woman’s journey with such fondness. Because when I met her, she was a hurt shell trying to hold herself together for the sake of her children.

And afterwards, though she still had difficult situations to navigate, she was confident in herself to do the right thing. To make her life her own again.

Life can do that - shock you, blindside you, leave you feeling like a fraction of the woman you once were. But those moments, as hard as they, they don’t need to hold you frozen in that time forever.... it’s not about shutting them away and trying to forget them - it’s about setting them free so you can be more of who you are again.

And Creatrix® can help you to get there. Quickly and without reliving the trauma.
Reach out hun - I’m here for you 


Written by

Bree Stedman


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