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She couldn't shake "what's the point"

Bree Stedman, August 3 2019

WHAT’S THE POINT..... That was the thought that followed her everywhere. She had a satisfying career that used to fulfil her. She had a family who loved and supported her. She had a small yet close group of friends. And she’d achieved a lot in her life.And yet, she couldn’t shake this dark, depressing feeling that it all meant nothing. That she was...

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She had nothing to complain about yet she felt empty

Bree Stedman, July 27 2019

She stood in front of the room at the podium with her notes prepared. She’d done this countless times before.... “All you have to do is put a smile on your face, hold eye contact. Tell them what they want to hear. Put on a show, that’s what you’re here for. Fake it.” She went through the motions and at the end of her presentation, she was applauded...

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She couldn't find any Relief

Bree Stedman, July 20 2019

It was her worst nightmare. She’d spent her entire life invested in creating something special for herself and her family. And then in a blink of an eye, it was gone. She was left with a deep sad hurt that she just couldn’t shake. Sure there was still plenty of things in her life that should have given her joy, but it felt like everything was now e...

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She wore sadness like a cloak

Bree Stedman, July 13 2019

When she first came to me you could see the sadness in her eyes..... it was like a cloak she wore tight around her, protecting her from things only she could see. When she started to open up to me, that pain pulsates from her.... “It’s so sad to say you have a problem with yourself when from the outside it appears you have a great life. We have eve...

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She was white-knuckling life

Bree Stedman, July 6 2019

“FOR F*CK SAKE! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST DO AS I ASKED YOU TO DO!” She drops her oldest kids off at school, her hands trembling from the built up anger she’s been feeling all morning. As she drives away she bursts into tears “I shouldn’t have spoken to her like I did”“I am meant to set an example!”“She’s only 5 years old! Why are my expectations of her s...

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She was heartbroken and lonely

Bree Stedman, June 29 2019

She contacted me on Facebook Messenger late one evening....“Can you help me? I’m so heartbroken and lonely....I don’t think I can go on....” 12 months before she had what she thought was the perfect family. Happy kids. A long term happy marriage. A happy home. It fell apart when her partner unexpectedly announced that it was over. And it blindsided...

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She couldn't stand the sight of herself

Bree Stedman, June 22 2019

She was 9 years old when she remembers first looking in the mirror and thinking “you look funny”By the time she was 12, she couldn’t look at herself without seeing all her ‘uglies’By 14, she had stopped looking in the mirror. She avoided photos like the plague, but when she had to have a pic taken, she’d suck her gut in - positioning her body so he...

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She was drowning under masks

Bree Stedman, June 15 2019

7 years ago, on my 30th Birthday, I took a massive leap of fate and went to a Women's Empowerment Weekend Retreat. I was scared out of my mind and nervous beyond measure. Up until that weekend, I'd never invested financially in myself. I didn't know what to expect, but at the same time I knew it's where I needed to be.

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